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Is the American Dream Dead? (Essay Sample)


The research paper requires you to analyze this idea of the American Dream and how it shows up, or doesn’t show up, in the literature we have read and in real, everyday life. There are a variety of routes you can go with this idea.
For this research paper, you will be writing a 7-8 page essay about one of the topics below. Your paper must be written in MLA Format and include a Works Cited page and in-text citations. You must research your topic using 8 sources (this includes 1 book, 1 scholarly journal article, and 1 credible internet source, and a combo of 5 others).
Topic- Is the American Dream Dead
plz revise this paper as previous writer is unable to proceed.Revision comments:I think some areas in the essay are way too high than a high school student research essay. And the way writer struct the essay is more like college student essays.Previous order file is attached.


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Is the American Dream Dead
The goal of the American dream is to attempt to ensure that all persons are given equal protection and chance to reach their level of success and prosperity independent of their gender, social status, and race. This is to say that none is to be judged on the basis of their social or ethical status, and success should be based upon the individual capability and achievements of the person. The elements of this dream include democracy, equality, social rights, and opportunities. The main concept of the American dream was brought about by Truslow, which states that all men are created equal and there should not be any kind of discrimination when it comes to the provision of opportunities. Generally, it is a promise of mobility and prosperity for all.
The discussion of whether the dream still exists is dependent upon one’s viewpoint. It can be argued that the dream is still alive but not in all parts of America since some countries still struggle with providing prosperity and chances of upward social progress to their citizens.
Has the Meaning of the American Dream Changed?
The original meaning of the American dream has gradually changed from what it was initially intended to be. Certain changes have been made in the concept with the introduction of new concepts and ideas as time passed. The origin of this dream was introduced in the year 1931 by James Truslow Adams who in his book “The Epic of America” discussed the new concept (Izaguirre 1). His discussion indicated towards the dream of a land where every man is provided with equal opportunities which allows them to live a life with equal opportunities and no discrimination (Pezzani 1). This dream was not only about getting higher wages or buying cars and so on. It pointed towards the issue of social order, which is given great significance in each and every element in life. According to Truslow, a person should be recognized on the basis of their capability and achievements rather than their social status and power (Putnam 2). The change in the American dream that has come since its introduction has overtime been based upon the aspirations of the generation and the issues endured during the time in question.
The term the American dream started gaining popularity in the 1950s. During that time, the G.I. bill started providing education to millions of veterans and the concept of consumerism was now getting the promotions in a feedback loop. At that point, the move towards materialism was extremely strong. However, it was the late 70s and starting of 80s where advertisements started making use of the American dream concept as a selling point (Putnam 2). This trend that was started at that time is based on a materialistic approach which in the contemporary world has only increased.
After World War 2, the Senate of America stated the dream and signified the religious views on this regard and discussed that all men should be treated equally as this is what God has ordered (Izaguirre 7). There was an infamous “I have a dream” speech that was given by Dr. King in 1963. In the speech, he pointed out that the dream of equality is deeply rooted in the American dream (Myers 1). Today Forbes has presented American dream as something which is completely economic and the original notion that was presented back in the 1930s has no mention in it (EIG). At the start, the dream was only extended to white people. However, later it extended to other people as well including people from other ethnicities and races.
The American Dream and Literature
The concept of the American dream has been made use in literature time and again in the past, and is still used ...

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