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Interview with the Vampire (Essay Sample)

* This essay should be approximately 700 words long (no shorter than 700 words, no longer than 800 words). Topic: Could this novel be classified as "erotic"? Explain. Sources: Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice (Ballantine Books, Random House of Canada, Toronto, 1997), or cheapest edition. 1. 2. 3. source..
Name Lecturer Interview with the Vampire Date Eroticism in Interview with the Vampire Introduction Interview with the vampire is a fascinating novel written by Anne Rice. The novel is about vampires and the conflict between their human nature and the need to change from humanity into immortal vampires. In the book, Anne Rice manages to explore taboo topics like incest, homosexuality, and pedophilia. To illustrate the various themes within the story, the author narrates the stories in an erotic allure. The sensual appeal has not only functioned to stimulate but as a platform through which moral awareness is created through challenging of widely held taboos. This paper argues that interview with the vampire is an erotic piece as expressed in two acts ‘the kill and making of another vampire." The paper analyses the two acts in a bid to justify the claim of eroticism. Rice's book uses a distorted family to try and change moral beliefs by challenging taboo and widely regarded beliefs about homosexuality in an erotically charged narration. While both act one and making of the vampire has no scene of physical eroticism from leading characters. Leading characters in Louis, Lestat and Claudia were the-the main character of the distorted family. During Lestat's transformation of Louis into a vampire, Louis recollects the event in a rather sensually and erotic language. "He lay down beside me on the steps with his movements so graceful and so personal that he made me think of a lover…he put his right arm around me and pulled me close to his chest. Never had I been close to him before and in the dim light I could see the magnificent radiance of his eye and the unnatural mask of his skin. As I tried to move, he pressed his right fingers into my lips… I remember the movement of his lips raised the hair all over my body that was not unlike the pleasure of passion" (rice, pg.18).The description of the process is marked by intriguing erotic language th...
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