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Internet Good Or Bad: Brief History & Scope Concerning (Essay Sample)



The goal of this assignment is to develop your own understanding and argument regarding a topic based on thorough academic research and through the careful analysis and synthesis of multiple sources. This assignment is intended to build on the work you completed for the Argument Synthesis paper.


Write an essay arguing to designedly change things for the better. You will develop an argument/claim for a specific change to a local or familiar situation, organization, procedure, or statute related to your topic, as established by your Topic Proposal. (This change should not simply be a change in thinking; instead, you should argue for a practical change.) You will conduct relevant research to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize multiple sources (8-10) in order to support your claim. You will construct an extended argumentative essay that positions your argument within a recognizable scholarly conversation surrounding your topic.

Of the 8-10 required sources, at least 3 must be scholarly sources drawn from the library’s databases or from books. You may use sources from the Argument Analysis and Argument Synthesis assignments if you wish, but you are not required to do so.

Following the Argument Synthesis assignment, your original claim should be founded in the arguments (and counterarguments) of the sources you have selected and supported by evidence from those sources. Write so that your reader clearly understands your claim and attempt to persuade the reader to accept that claim through your supporting arguments. This paper will require original thinking, thorough research, keen analytical insight, and clear textual evidence cited in your paper.


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Internet good or bad
I. Introduction
The internet is a large network of networks, which link with each other through data packets. On the other hand, it can be defined as a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the IP / TCP protocol to communicate. In today's world, the internet has become an integral and important part of our daily life. Considering its ease of availability, the variety of services it offers, and high access speeds, the internet has become the need of the day. It has redefined businesses, education has become easily accessible and enjoyable, and social interactions have been fostered globally. More so, people can access various entertainment sites and professionals in various disciplines share ideas through the internet.
However, the internet has its own drawbacks. Security threats to organizations, governments' databases and individual security have emerged. Furthermore, the internet's impact on cultural and political structures in undeveloped countries has been huge. Artificial intelligence has also taken over human intelligence. Therefore, with regards to the above merits and demerits of the internet, this research paper seeks to identify whether the internet is good or bad. More so, the paper seeks to give a brief history and scope concerning the internet.
11. Origin and scope of internet
The history of the internet originates from the invention and development of computers. The initial concept was the Wide Area Network (WAN), which originated from various science laboratories in the United Kingdom, the United States, and France. However, the invention of the radio, the telephone, and telegram set the platform for the development of the internet. In 1969, the first message was sent through the ARPANET by Professor Leonard from a laboratory at the University of California, to another communication node located at the Stanford Research Institute. This marked a great achievement in internet development and opened the doors for further progress.
In the 1980s, Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web, which links the hypertext document to an information system which is accessible to any network code around the world. From this period, various developments occurred, including the instant-communication facilitated by various elements of the internet. Currently, due to improving means of accessing the web, cellular technology is the latest development regarding the internet. As a result of its nature, the internet is employed in businesses, as an educational tool to enhance learning, and means of unlimited communication around the world.
I. Positive impacts of the internet
a) Impact of the internet on education
The internet contains information ranging from craft ideas for kids, spiritual guidance, health and lifestyle tips to financial and investment concepts. According to Anderson (2012), the internet is a knowledge base because of the ever-increasing volumes of useful information availed to students. This relevant information is accessible to students because of the various search engines that constitute the internet. For instance, just typing any question to any of them leads to thousands of relevant results popping up in a matter of microseconds. Hence, the internet increases the speed of information access and makes it easier for learners to get answers. However, it is not only students who turn to the internet in times of need. Teachers and instructors also use it to supplement what they teach in class.
Furthermore, because of the internet, learning institutions are reaching out to students in ways that have never been seen before. For instance, the admission process, payment of tuit...

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