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Institutional Racism & the Limits on the Body Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


Please write one page explanation of my findings. hair & eyes: one paragraph for Hair, another paragraph for eyes.
For this page, you don't have to write the introduction and conclusions. only start writing the paragraph about my topic base on the articles that I upload.
I have two articles about hair, and two articles about eyes.
you explanation: 1) explain the idea of the body and how it related to geography; 2) also explain the institutions of the articles that I upload, as it pertains to institutions relationships to people of color's bodies. you must also provide an explanation of the relationship of my findings to the concept of subjectivity and identify the potential and real implications / outcomes this poses for people of color in their everyday lives.
please use MLA to cited all the quotations that you want to put in the essay.
please email me if you have any questions about the topic required.


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Institutional Racism and Limits on the Body
The texture, color, look and other assumptions made on a person’s hair, especially women and girls, has become a tool for discrimination on what some scholars refer to as hair harassment. Women of African descent are the ones who experience this type of discrimination the most due to their black hair. In my research, I found out that black women face various racist remarks from their white peers based on their hair color. Hair harassment in the U.S. varies across locations. In areas dominated by black people, black hair is common hence limited racist remarks (O’Brien-Richardson p523-534). In white-dominated areas especially among people of higher social classes, hair harassment is very common with black women facing remarks like on how bad they look and how they need a make-over. Some states have adopted systems that seek to protect black women who want to have their black hair natural even in the

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