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Innovations and New Perspectives. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Cathy Davidson, “Project Classroom Makeover” (The New Humanities Reader)
Steven Johnson, “The Myth of the Ant Queen” (The New Humanities Reader)
Charles Siebert, “An Elephant Crackup?” (The New Humanities Reader)
In “Project Classroom Makeover,” Davidson presents the possibilities of an educational system if technological innovations were utilized and input from students was at the forefront of learning. In “An Elephant Crackup?” Siebert writes about how a “fundamental shift” in thinking could help rebalance the dangerous power dynamic between humans and elephants. Consider how the central ideas of these texts relate to Johnson’s term “bottom-up learning.” All three texts present examples of thinking about problems or systems in a new way. Using evidence from all three, respond to the following prompt: What do these readings reveal about innovation and new perspectives?

-Could the institutions of schools be reorganized in bottom-up fashion? Is it possible to change or influence a system in this way?
-How might Davidson’s idea of “unlearning” connect to Siebert’s idea of a new psyche or consciousness?
-What does the section on Turing and Selfridge in “The Myth of the Ant Queen” tell us about innovation?
Do not summarize the texts, instead focus on making connections between each text. I am looking for insightful analysis. Each body paragraph should at least connect ideas from two texts. Keep the ideas consistent throughout the essay, and make the arguments clear and consistent. Let me know if you have any questions.


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November 28, 2019
Innovations and New Perspectives
           The human society has gone a long way from where it started. From a simple collection of individuals who uses stone tools and forages around, we have possibly become one of the most advanced civilizations in the entire universe with our creations reaching interstellar space. Yet, innovations do not always lead to progress. As we could see these days, advances in technology have caused severe effects on our planet and posed a threat to the very survival of our species. This simply shows that progress cannot be achieved with innovation alone, but also with an increased sense of responsibility, foresight, and adaptation to things that are happening around us. In this article, the idea of innovation and progress would be discussed in greater detail. Particularly, we would discuss concepts such as sustainable development, adaptive learning, and complex systems. All in all, I believe that to fully reap the benefits of innovation, human beings like us must be able to make the most efficient and sustainable use of the limited resources that we are given with. But before we address it, let us first look at the ‘dilemma of progress’.

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