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Individual Assignment Discussion Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Submit a one-page document with a discussion of the Hot-Cool Metcalf/Mischel article. Note the key points that the authors are making, yet I will be particularly interested in your opinion regarding how a marketing manager could make use of this information. For example, you can think of consumers trying to make better choices or marketing managers attempting to increase the consumption of guilty pleasures.


The authors have examined a two-system framework which is critical for comprehending the processes that influence willpower or self-control as attributed to the gratification paradigm. Besides, the article has also suggested and examined a cool cognitive system as well as a hot emotional system. It is essential to comprehend that a cool system is determined as emotionally neutral, slow and integrated while a hot system forms the basis of passion and fears which are controlled by innate stimuli that are critical for emotional conditioning.
The authors have also evaluated both hot and cold nodes, how they are connected and interact to link hot and cold systems. Usually, whenever a hot spot is activated, the corresponding cool system tends to get activated. There are various conditions when the cool spots for hot impulses may be in nonexistence. This includes developmental factors, where the hot system tends to develop early than the cool system. Also, the increase of stress makes the cool system dysfunctional which makes it possible for the hot system to dominate

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