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Individual and society come into conflict (Essay Sample)

Over the last two modules we have looked at a variety of stories in which the individual and society come into conflict. Now it's your turn to read a new story, this time the American writer Ursula LeGuin's "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" on p. 511 in your textbook. Write an essay in which you analyze the theme of the individual and society in that story. Below you will find a few points to consider about the story that will help you think about the theme and how LeGuin applies it. Your essay should be well-developed and well-supported with the text and between 500-600 words long. First of all, read the Points to Consider when Writing. 5 points Proper use of in-text and “Work Cited” citations using the MLA format This assignment is not research-based; you do not need outside sources. Plagiarized work will be penalized and may be reported to St. Leo's Academic Integrity Committee. Write original insights. 5 points Error-free writing Total: 100 points Late submissions will receive at least a 10% reduction. I look forward to reading your Module 7 essay. It is your final essay assignment, so please do your best. Show in your essay on Le Guin's story a mastery of literary analysis skills acquired during the course. Sincerely, Prof. LW source..
Individual and society come into conflict.
Story by LeGuin presents a city that is free from sadness and despair. The society in the city portrays a certain sort of true happiness that is unimaginable. The setting of this story begins in a festival, explaining comfortable feeling and the beauty of the Omelas. They live next to a sea which has a harbor and boats with broad but green meadows. The city is engulfed by mountains. It`s a beautiful morning of summer and the shining sun, light breeze and warm temperature shows how much the city is full of live. The Omelas are dancing down the streets in a procession in the direction of Green Fields. They are going to watch horse race. A child is playing his flute at this Festival and an old woman is passing flowers out. Young riders are on their horses just waiting for a signal to start the race. The city is just beautiful, simple and elegant. The city definitely seems like it has achieve perfection like nothing else. The Omelas lived in a city with neither crime nor war. They were peaceful and joyful. They also had a religion but with no clergy. One would definitely wonder how perfect this city was. This is utopia. However, this is actually not possible as there is something terrible; as a sacrifice, the society forces a child to live a life full of misery. This child is sitting naked and locked inside a dark room, a cellar. There is very little strays of light in the room from the cracks in the room with only one window that is sealed in cobwebs. The room`s floor is foul smelling and dusty and there is only one door in the room that is ever locked. Despite the goodness prevailing in the city, nobody ...
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