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Dynamic Issues of Uncertainty in Our American Government (Essay Sample)

Identify one area that American needs to improve Argue for one change in policy reguarding any facet of American public life, and in the body of your essay, give reasons why the area/thing you identified is the most critical barometer of national strength. Clear introduction, three supporting reasons supporting your thesis statement, and conclusion. Works Cited page . 3 sources which I will give e-mail or upload. Also: Using 3 refrences 1. Down with Stability Authour James Grant 2. Social Capital and the Dynamics of Trust in Government author Luke Keele Ohio State University 3. Silent Voices: Social Welfare Policy Opinions and Political Equality in America Author Adam J. Berinsky Princeton University source..
Melissa Brumfield
Temple College
English 1301
Dr. Illich
April 9, 2011.
Dynamic Issues of Uncertainty in Our American Government
Social welfare policy is an area that needs much improvement. This is based on the fact that, since depression was experienced, there has been tremendous growth in America. While, the government legitimacy involvement in the economy has not received serious challenges for more than five decades a go. As a result, there has been no "setting of proper scope of the public support net provided by the government has proven to be extremely controversial. Compared to other industrialized democracies, support for social welfare programs in the United States is much thin and ephemeral," (Berinsky 278).
One fact that has led to lots of controversial nature of welfare state in the US is the American Ethos. There are two contradicting values that are held by the Americans; democratic and capitalism. There have been various predictions on the role played by the two contradicting values on the social welfare policy opinion determination. However, the impacts of value conflict on opinion types formed by individuals on social policy have not been constant across the American population.
Both the liberals and democrats have to handle the natives Americans in Americans` culture of politics. However, ambivalences and inconsistency in social welfare policy are not found with equal kind of frequency in the entire population. It has been argued by liberals that, they have to "reconcile their humanitarian democratic impulses with the capitalist impulses towards individualism and limited government," (Berinsky 279). As a result, liberals have to make a balance between equally significant but contradicting values in their evaluation of social welfare policy programs. As an effect, such mix of contradicting values has led most Americans to be confused in their political judgments. On the other hand, conservatives have been opposing social welfare policy while endorsing opportunity equity, other than economic equality of results. As an effect, conservatives are going for the single value and not to harm themselves due to value conflicts as liberals do.
The second point is that, apart from larger political culture, social welfare supporters also suffer from; they...
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