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In Favor of Universal Health Care (Essay Sample)

I\'m from the USA please argue in favor of \"obamacare\" universal health care source..
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In favor of Healthcare: US
The prospect of the universal healthcare has brought out a great deal of proposition from both the sides of the political prospect mostly the US healthcare a bill brought about in the Obama administration (Acker 17). It is clear that civilized nations all over the world have come up with various forms of universal or nationalized healthcare programs in their countries. Specifically, countries like Germany being one of the first to put into use the national healthcare before the US would come up with any important development in the development of any form of health insurance.
It is clear that all the national healthcare systems in other countries have their own means of accomplishing the goals in relation to the universal healthcare. It is clear to note that the universal healthcare is given by the governments rather than the private sector. The form of healthcare coverage gives every citizen an opportunity to receive healthcare services that are given by the government (Agadjanian 259).
It is clear that by 2010 the US did not have the universal healthcare program and this affected the healthcare of the common citizen in that country. The Obama care has brought about equality in the healthcare sector. The implementation of the universal healthcare by Obama government has ensured that there are more job opportunities programs, pell grants, apprenticeships and many opportunities for the country’s citizens (Ambert 23). This practice in the end has resulted to increased quality of life and relieve in financial strains of the common citizen in the country. These efforts by the Obama government have been appraised by the people of the country in particular women who give birth. Maternity care is one of the top functions of the universal healthcare and therefore the poor citizens of the country are able to deliver safely without much problem.
It can be argued that the implementation of the universal healthcare by the Obama government is a political contest in that the healthcare is a human right. I feel that having access to the healthcare is a basic human right that any kind of government is obligated to offer. It is true that the US ...
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