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The Importance Of The Hashtag Movement (Essay Sample)


Please, write an essay about "The Importance of the Hashtag Movement".


Importance of the Hashtag Movement
Social media has increasingly become part of the human life. People use the social media to connect with their friends from across the world, for political campaigns, advertising among many other such uses. Social and political activists are among the greatest beneficiaries of the social media. The social media has become one of the strongest tools for the voiceless to air their views freely without any fear and limitations. Notably, twitter is one of the social media tools that have been influential in social activism and it's of great importance in helping the world to deal with and sensitize people on issues that affect the society. The introduction of #hashtags has changed the way people do activism leading to positive social changes.
Through the hashtag movement the voiceless can air their dissatisfaction and call for action to rectify a situation or to change a situation. Through the hashtag movement people can call the government to action in regard to particular issues of concern in the society. One such example is the #IstandwithAhmed which was trending in the year 2015 after Ahmed was arrested in school for owning an assembled clock that resembled a bomb. Ahmed was released from police custody but was later suspended from the school. After the hashtag trended several people came up in support of Ahmed emphasizing on the unfair stereotypes on the Muslim community in relation to terrorism and insecurity issues. Ahmed's invention was supported including a tweet from the then president Obama who asked to meet up

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