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The Impact of Online Class on University Students (Essay Sample)


The Impact of Online Class on University Students Online classes have been gaining momentum over the past few years. Among university students, the number of individuals taking online classes in even higher. While online classes have their advantages, there are also various disadvantages for university students who decide to take these classes. It is important to have thorough understanding of both sides of the debate to have a clearer idea to make a wise idea. This study helps highlight some of the commonly identified problems in online learning and parties involved.   One common problem cited when talking about online classes is limited collaborative learning. In the traditional learning set-up, students share ideas, notes, listen to their peers, and interact one-on-one. When it comes to university students, this collaboration is especially important in ensuring that students gain new insights and ideas that are essential as they near real world of job market. Online classes, take this sharing away and it could be a problem in shaping open-minded individuals. On top of that, online classes do not allow direct contact with the instructors. Ideally, online classes can become monolog as opposed to creating a dialogue that is essential in assimilating concepts. The tutor teacher interaction for university students is important because one can have a one-on-one support that often lacks in online classes. Offline tutors can also monitor body language and verbal cues to see when a student needs more attention and support. In this way, this vacuum exists in online classes. Another common problem with online classes for university students is that many lack self-discipline. Online classes requires self-commitment because often times, rules and disciplinary requirements are often lacking. When one joins online classes and fails to have self-discipline, the classes become tiresome and soon one sees some university students end up dropping out.  One consequence of choosing online classes over the traditional classes is that online classes might not be accredited. There has been many cases of university students who graduate online and later realize that they are not accredited. It is hard to find genuine online classes because of the many online scams that are going on. Often, many employers and job interviews scrutinize online degrees and the institutions that have given them before they hire. This occurs because employers are looking for people who have genuine education, and skills that sometimes can be missing when one studies online. University students who want to take online classes need to conduct thorough research and get good referrals to avoid falling prey for fake online classes. 


The Impact of Online Class on University Students
In the recent times, with the advent of the internet and World Wide Web, learning in the classrooms is no longer a monopoly. More and more students are enrolling in online courses in comparison to the traditional classes. For instance, in 2008 the number of students taking at least one online course increased by 12.1% compared to 1.2% of those who enrolled in the traditional system of learning (Gossenheimer, Bem, and Carneiro). With such enormous growth came concerns about the impact of this form of learning on the university students. Of course, online education is a relatively new practice with various benefits and pitfalls. For instance, some scholars have criticized it for being difficult, particularly for the students who are least prepared. On the other hand, online courses offer students flexibility because one can study a particular course from any part of the world at their convenient time. This paper will give a comprehensive comparison of two articles based on the impact of online class on university students.
Summary of the Articles
The first article “The effectiveness of Online Learning: Beyond No Significant Difference and Future Horizons” is written by Tuan Nguyen, who has listed various advantages and uses of online learning. In his study, Tuan Nguyen presents a research on the general perception that learning online is less efficient than the traditional format. He conducted a qualitative study, where he used various journals and peer-reviewed articles to gather his evidence on the above topic. First, the author collected evidence from articles and journals that contained the positive outcomes of online learning (Nguyen 310). Some of the positive findings obtained from these materials include online materials, giving the students enough time to think and reflect about the sources of their studies better than the face-to-face form of learning. As a result, students undertaking online courses have been shown to perform better than their class-based counterparts (Nguyen 311).
Tuan Nguyen also studied sources that had null findings and found that they were many in comparison to materials with positive outcomes (Nguyen 312). Most of these sources found that there were no significant differences between online and traditional means of learning. Further, the author studied material that had negative and mixed outcomes. He found that they were small in number compared to the ones with positive findings (Nguyen 313). Some of the limitations of distance learning in these materials include poor performance of the students enrolled in online courses compared to those under instructor-based format. One of the reasons for poor performance was the time students spend interacting with their books and learning environment. In one of the studies, students taking online courses were found to spend less than three hours a week studying compared to class-based ones who spend a minimum of three hours per week (Nguyen 313). In the conclusion, Tuan Nguyen indicated that contrary to what many people believ

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