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Immigration in United States: Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Read the two website link. Write your thoughts on the readings and videos
Use casual language. Not a formal essay. Can use the pronoun “I”.


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Immigration in United States
Annually, many citizens leave their countries, either legally or illegally, and migrate into the United States. Most of them flee from their countries, located in Central America, such as Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Although measures are put in place to contain the large population of immigrants into the state, none is significant enough to curb the situation. Most of these measures have specific weaknesses that make them ineffective in curbing the border infiltrations.
Guatemala itself has been facing acute food insecurity due to climatic changes that have adversely affected the country (Soboroff and Ainsley). People have done pretty desperate things to get their basic needs. This is the reality of most immigrants from Guatemala who come into the United States as many do not have food provisions in their nation. Their movement is driven by the need for survival.
One would think that there would be adequate mitigation factors put in place to tackle this issue. Nevertheless, I believe that there has not been an exploration of all choices, and some have even turned a blind eye to this suffering state. Instead of offering food aid or, at the very least, some funding to counter the problem, the Trump administration focused on restricting the number of immigrants through the deployment of law enforcement at the border regions.
I might be going out on a limb here. Still, I would prefer to deal with the root of the problem head on by offering financial aid, offering food

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