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Identify Hamlet's Fatal Flaw And How It Affects Him Throughout The Play (Essay Sample)


I will write my outline in the third person present tense
I will have a definite thesis at the end of my introduction
I will follow the point, proof, comment format
I will ensure each body paragraph has a topic sentence and concluding sentence
I will ensure each body paragraph needs two-three separate points each with a supporting quotation
I will ensure quotations are direct quotations from the text. I will include 6-9 direct quotations as required. You will use the following format for parenthetical citations in your outline: (Shakespeare 1.5.67-69). The numbers refer to the act, scene and line in that order!
I will include a Work Cited page
Must use Hamlet by William Shakespeare as only cited source
Written in word document which I can edit


Identify Hamlet's fatal flaw and how it affects him throughout the play outline

  1. Introduction: William Shakespeare is a renowned writer who presented his major characters in a unique way to attract many audiences.  Most of his plays have tragic endings. In his plays, his characters are tragic heroes because their downfall is caused by flaws in their personality.

Thesis: Hamlet’s fatal flaws prevent them from seeing the truth. Shakespeare presents several fatal flaws throughout his plays in the form of a lapse in judgment that results in the character's demise as in the case of Hamlet.

  1. Body Paragraph I: At the beginning of the play, Hamlet is portrayed as an intelligent and a rational thinker, Hamlet had a great mind. His greatness is presented in most of his actions as a ruler. He was gifted with a great mind; he believes that people’s reasoning should be fair; however, the death of his father reveals some of his flaws.  One of Hamlet fatal flaws evident throughout the play is his inability to make the right decision after his father's death. His inability to make the right decision is what becomes Hamlet a fatal flaw in the play. Throughout the play, Hamlet keeps on procrastinates his plan to kill Claudius, he puts on the mousetrap and also delays killing Claudius when he is praying.
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