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IB Literature Sl Year 2 Mock Paper Two: Master Harold (Essay Sample)


Using Master Harold by Athol Fugard, answer the following question:
How far, and in what ways, do plays you have studied support the idea that communication between human beings is difficult or perhaps impossible?
Remember that the Paper Two Exam is a traditional thematic essay in which you must answer the question you choose. In answering that question, you must create an assertion which serves as your comprehensive thesis and which addresses the following:
(1) the author's intentions with regard to that question;
(2) the literary features he uses and how he uses them with regard to that question;
(3) the overall impact on the reader.
Please provide an introduction in which you hook your reader and state your assertion (comprehensive thesis) that answers the question. In multiple paragraphs, give a body that fully addresses all of the aspects of your answer to the question with cited textual support from the play. End with a conclusion that recapitulates your thesis and leaves your reader with a larger takeaway from the experience of the play.
Remember to proofread before submission, please, and check for errors in grammar and punctuation. Write with intelligence, depth, and support


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Master Harold
Communication is a two-way process, meaning if one person is saying something and the other one is not responding, then communication or conversation becomes impossible. It happens only when information is exchanged between two or more people, and miscommunication often leads to incomplete tasks, hurt feelings, relationship frustration, and other similar issues. It's safe to say that communicating with humans is sometimes impossible, especially when we come across some rude and arrogant people. We don't get to know how to begin talking to them and how to convince them to participate in the discussion session. Are we free to show arrogance or sit mum? I believe that we should always respect others and be open to what's wrong rather than saying nothing.
Set in 1950, Master Harold is a wonderful play by Athol Fugard. The play depicted how people who lived under it could absorb racism, hatred or bigotry. The play opened in a run-down cafeteria, where two black men Sam and Willie were dancing as they cleaned the floor. They were actually practicing for a ballroom dancing competition. Meanwhile, a stranger entered the cafeteria and sat on one of the tables. The conversation between the three moved from school-work to intellectual discussions, where they talked about different public figures and their contributions to society. They also talked about their

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