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Humanities: Relationship Between Human Beings And Animals (Essay Sample)


There are two questions to answer:
1) For millennia, we (humans) have for the most part treated animals and other living things as instruments of our own wants and desires, much the same way as slave-owners used to treat their slaves. More recently, the field of environmental ethics has developed a body of theory to explain why non-human lifeforms are also worthy of being treated as moral agents. Provide an overview of the major perspectives on this question.
2) Capitalism is so ubiquitous in the modern world that it is often seen as the “default” or “natural” economic system that regulates all essential human interactions. First, discuss the fundamental theoretical, philosophical, and historical bases of this economic system, then address some of the major criticisms addressed to it by its main detractors.


Question 1.
The relationship between human beings and animals has always been that of master follower kind. While the opposite can also be true, animals lack in capacity of controlling human beings because o their intelligence level. While some rule in their environment, for example, a lion in the jungle, it has been observed that humans can tame them making them submissive to the human rules even when in the jungle it is the ruler. This relationship can take 2 ways and that is taming and keeping animals for good reasons or sometimes inflicting suffering and pain to the animal. This situation has recently attracted the attention of the environment and animals rights activities who are out and about fighting for animal rights. Since animals have no ability to fight for their rights these bodies are coming up with ways and policies to ensure animals are protected and cared for and because of this, the environmental ethics are making effort to explain and give reasons as to why nonhumans creatures are also worth the moral agent treatment.
The non-human animals are observed to exist on the marginal line of the human moral concepts and due to this human beings may find themselves giving them strong moral status and in other times we may deny them these morals completely. For example, the most common animal is the dog, which accorded several outcries from the activities especially in an event of a puppy mill. The above moral standing is observed into moral equality theories, indirect theories, and direct but unequal theories. Direct theory observes that we deny animal’s moral status to fellow humans because of the lack of autonomy, reason, and consciousness. Direct but unequal theories observe that we accord animals some moral consideration and a

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