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Answering Four Question: hum_312 (Essay Sample)

Please answer four question out of the seven. Also, give full page for each question. Each question is its own individual paper. hum_312_four_questions.docx Answer four (4) of the following questions 1. Describe and discuss the political evolution of Rome from the monarchy to the end of the empire. 2. Compare and contrast Greek and Roman social and political organization. 3. Describe and discuss the development and the structure of the city of Rome. 4. Compare and contrast Greek and Roman art and architecture. 5. Choose a specific person from either Greek or Roman history. Discuss why you have chosen this particular individual, why he or she was interesting or important and how he or she is or is not representative of Greek or Roman culture and society. 6. Compare and contrast the epic poets Homer and Vergil, with specific reference to the Odyssey and the Aeneid. 7. Discuss the legacy of the classical world. In what general and specific ways have ancient Greece and Rome influenced modern Western civilization? source..
Answering Four Questions
1 Describe and discuss the political evolution of Rome from the monarchy to the end of the empire.
The evolution of Rome refers to the age when Rome and its provinces had neither an emperor nor king. It was however ruled by generally elected leaders. The ancient state of Rome that began in 509 BC and existed until 27 BC when Augustus took over was later referred to as the republic of Rome. The period that Rome lasted as a monarchy to being a republic and an empire is one or two millennia. A number of people are of the opinion that Rome lasted for two millennia while others those that agree it lasted for one concur with Edward Gibbon who predicted the fall of the Rome empire as 476 A.D. the fourth of September when a leader from Germany in the army of Rome overthrew Augustulus Romulus, the final emperor in Western Rome that was in all probability to a certain extent of Germanic lineage. He regarded Romulus as so insignificant a warning that instead of troubling himself to eliminate him, he conveyed him into withdrawal.
There existed two Roman emperors during the period of revolution and the former centuries. One emperor resided in Byzantium in the east while the second one resided in Italy not specifically in Rome city but in the west. Romulus had resided in Italy, a place called Ravenna. Later, there was yet one emperor of Rome known as Zeno, who subsisted in Constantinople. Odoacer, the supreme ruler that succeeded Romulus was the first emperor of the barbarians. King of the western empire. This uncivilized revolution in 476 was at that moment not a main defining moment though it is a commonly conventional rendezvous for the collapse of Rome and the establishment of the middle Ages. Loads of occurrences and predispositions made this possible such that there were several individuals who went on conceiving themselves and who maintain to be imagined as Romans.
2 Compare and contrast Greek and Roman social and political organization
The ultimate intricacy in handling conventional Greece as well as Rome entails its association to modern occupants of North America. For majority of Americans, Greece made up the initial stage of their conventional history. Those that drafted the U.S. constitution were very much aware of Greek models. The United States constructers that designed unrestricted structures have submissively imitated replicas from Rome and Greek. It is up to date supposed that Aristotle and Plato were the founders of the theoretical custom.
Some teachers still copy the method of Socrates to get discourse with learners, and dependence on technical methods of investigation is indebted to Greek formulations. The Western part of Europe and America indisputably are obliged a big debt to the realizations of the conventional Mediterranean. The Western enlightening custom has long encouraged complex discoveries of the Greco-Roman history a...
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