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How Instagram Enhanced The Ability To Read And Write (Essay Sample)


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Social media apps have quickly transformed the communications landscape. Their development has impacted considerably how learners learn and the manner in which instructors teach. Additionally, the apps have had a massive impact on our language and literacy practices. Instagram is one of the developed social media apps and its emergence has greatly impacted the way individuals read and write. It has enhanced students' ability to read and write to a great extent. The following is a discussion on how Instagram has enhanced students' ability to read and write. Additionally, a discussion of the benefits of the app and its disadvantages as well as how the app can be altered or adapted to facilitate literacy practices and learning will be established.
Instagram app has enhanced the ability to read and write for countless students. For example, it provides exposure to numerous fresh words in multiple contexts because people keep on posting new stories and content on the app (Phillips). To that end, students who use the app get to learn about different and new words and how they can be used in a sentence. The foreign students get to benefit more because they have difficulties in learning the English language. Learning new words and how they can be used in a sentence is quite essential because student learning experiences are enhanced since it turns out to be easy for them to understand the meaning of the words written in their textbooks. The negative attitude that students develop towards education because of the troubles they encounter in comprehending ideas written in textbooks is forestalled. To that end, students learning experiences are developed and enhanced as well as their overall performance.
Additionally, reports indicate that students find it boring to read textbooks. For that reason, they consistently prefer to read things posted online to reading books to enhance their reading, learning, and writing skills (University of Texas Arlington). For example, if a teacher posts an article online that deals with what her students have been doing in class, there is a high possibility that students will read the article. Nonetheless, if the teacher decides to print out the article and give it to the students to read, there is a high chance that the students will not read it. Consequently, with the development of social media apps such as Instagram app students now engage in reading on a regular basis. Subsequently, their ability to read and write is enhanced because consistent reading increases students reading and writing skills.
Reading and writing can be enhanced if people get into the habit of writing more. The Instagram app encourages its users to write and expose their knowledge on a certain topic (Ellis). Users can post their topics on certain topics as well as comment or debate the ideas posted by other individuals. To that end, students ability to write is enhanced because the app increases their interest in writing. When their writing abilities are enhanced learning experiences are made better because writing projects and assignments become unproblematic.
Other Benefits of Instagram
Apart from enhancing learning and literacy practices, the Instagram app has other benefits. One of the benefits of the app is that it has helped numerous individuals to stay connected with their friends and relatives. Secondly, it has increasingly enhanced the revenues businesses make (Jackson-Koku). Entrepreneurs market their products and services through this platform and since many people use the app large markets are reached. Consequently, the entrepreneurs are able to make great returns because high sales are made. It is now even possible for entrepreneurs to market their products to onl...

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