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How celebrities feel about privacy? (Essay Sample)

hey writer i just want to tell you that i need the first draft of this term paper before tomorrow please send me 2 pages for the first draft.because my teacher want me to bring tomorrow. now here you go my teacher instructions. Your topic should be scholarly in nature and narrow enough to fit into the scope of the paper length A mandatory rough draft will be submitted to me during our peer review session. Please bring two copies of your paper that day. Due to the lateness in the semester of this assignment, there will be no revision period. A minimum of 2-3 credible secondary sources is required for a passing grade. Make sure your paper is typed, double spaced, and titled. Please insert your last name and the page number (lastname_ page number) in the top right corner. A works cited page will be included on a separate page at the end of your paper, inserted with a page break. source..
In most cases celebrities are treated like commodities rather than like normal human beings. Some individuals perceive that because celebrities receive huge pays from their talents, they are like elected politicians who should pay their loyalty to the public. This has made the public to demand into knowing so much about the celebrities hence making them uncomfortable in public. The situation has grown worse with the introduction of new technological innovations such as social media, websites and blogs among others. This raises questions such as how much should the public get to know about the celebrities private activities?, do celebrities enjoy privacy, who should be in control of celebrities information? How can celebrities control their appearance on online tools? The discussion herein focuses on the celebrities privacy online (Ramage 194).
Celebrities in many instances have been prone to exposure online without their consent. In other cases hackers hack the pictures and images of the celebrities and use them in some illegal sites such as those of pornography. People take photos of celebrities and pin them on the walls of online pages that are visited by many individuals who comment on the photos and can download them for their own purposes. Some of these may be malicious which may be provoking the celebrities’ rights of privacy.
In the recent years, people have turned their focus on the personal lives of the celebrities more than their talents. Many celebrities have been provoked to anger by their privacy on the social networks. This focus accorded tot eh celebrities private lives have brought about interference on how the public judges them. The public has been biased by the social media to judge the celebrities according to their private lives and acts rather than talents such as singing acting and dancing among others. They therefore feel that their rights to privacy have been breached because even in their private affairs there will be some news on the internet talking about them and who they met during their holiday.
Celebrities want to entertain their fans and then continue with their normal lives. However, this has made most of them feel like they are going to be encountered by an attack of photos online the moment they leave their houses. They feel that they have a right to hang out with friends and go out on dates without necessarily having the news and their photos in over a million websites across the world. The website managers and owners should respect the decision and the rights to privacy of the celebrities. If they decide to release their pictures, then they (web site managers) should work with that and not to chase the celebrities around invading their privacy. This chasing of celebrities is brought about by the desire of the web sites to be the most updated in order to attract more visitors in their sites. Therefore, the act of post...
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