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How Big-Time Sports Ate College Life Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Choose one articles from our textbook. It can be one we have read or one that was included in the textbook but we didn’t cover in class. The article should be connected in some way to an idea, topic, or issue that you have an opinion on and would like to respond to. Write an 650-800 word reflective response to the issue and ideas presented in the article. Use what you have learned all semester to consider both the issue, the perspectives presented and the rhetorical strength of the authors’ ideas/argument.
And then just tell me: What do you think? Is this an idea that you think has merit? Why or why not? It’s ok to take a less formal tone with this paper. I’m asking you to reflect on an issue with a limited amount of research. You’ve all become experts to a degree this semester, and you’ve learned to weigh an argument and consider its strengths and weaknesses. The reality is that while writing a research paper is a useful exercise and teaches us much about how to think critically, much of our lives we will be asked to respond to ideas and positions and issues with more limited knowledge and in a less formal structure. We will be asked to think on our feet and respond off the cuff. So use that to fuel your response. Read. Think critically. Respond thoughtfully.


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How Big-Time Sports Ate College Life
In an article in the New York Times appearing on January 20, 2012, Laura Pappano examines how big-time sports consumed college life. Pappano begins the article by giving accounts of individuals who chose universities, and especially Ohio State due to the influence of sports. While Ohio State has notable alumni including three Nobel laureates, a majority of the students chose the university because of football. The emphasis on football at Ohio State can be demonstrated by the recent hiring of Urban Meyer to coach football. Meyer enjoys various privileges including $4 million year plus bonuses and personal use of a private jet. In essence, big-time sports have become a big deal for the face of universities. Pappano believes that sports have been used by admission offices to brand their institutions.
Pappano indicates that bog-time sports have hijacked American campus. The author cites the explosion of televised games that have seen universities cancel classes to accommodate the broadcast schedules. American universities devote massive resources to games. That is why it is common to have universities with large stadiums in the middle of campus. There appears to be a major focus on sports as opposed to education. Given the emphasis on sports, Pappano is right to indicate that universities are looking at sports from a commercial point of view. He supports his claim by citing a 2010 Knight Commission report that indicated that 10 highest-spending athlete departments spend a median of $98 million in 2009. Four years earlier, the expenditure was just $69 million. Of course, a larger portion of the expenditure is on high-profile sports. For example, Division I football and basketball bring higher income to universities die the high sale of tickets and cable deals. In order to rove this, Pappano demonstrates how Penn State football makes money for the institution. In 2010, the football team spends $19.5 million which about $73 million to the institution.
Indeed, universities are using sports to get more money and get the attention of fans. What many do not know is that

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