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Current Event and perceptions about how an average black woman wears her hair (Essay Sample)

300 to 500-word brief Current Event Reports on a recent news event that sheds light on how issues of race and ethnic identity impact American politics, culture, society, and/or economics. The report should provide specific details about where the stories were reported (i.e. exact weblinks, newspaper or magazine citation, etc.). They should also contain brief summaries of the stories' contents and analyses of why the stories are significant when it comes to understanding how people form their perceptions of race and address racial issues in America also do not write about Trayvon martin case we have already talked about it in class. the other topic is After reading and viewing the articles and related media clips on perceptions of beauty among black people, draft a 350 to 600-word commentary on the following: What do your perceptions about how an average black woman wears her hair--i.e. natural vs. straightened, relaxed, or weaved--or the shade of a black person's skin say about your perceptions about the standards of beauty for black people?(You may answer either of these options in the first person.) this are the link for the videos and the web whats good hair by tyra Bank This clip was posted you a young African-American woman who has worn chemical relaxers and weaves in her hair the bulk of her young life. She is thinking about "going natural," and uses this post to voice the various emotions that this decision brings up in her. What is your reaction to the emotions she displays regarding this decision? If you have trouble accessing the clip, you can copy-and-paste the following web address into your browser, http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=IR70oe5-uFo. http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=Q4OOJBVXHRU. http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch? source..
Current Event and perceptions about how an average black woman wears her hair
The report is titled “law on racial diversity stirs Greenwich Schools”, and was compiled on July 19, 2013 by the New York Times. The report focuses on the schools that are located in Greenwich with one of the schools being the Greenwich Country day School. The elementary schools located at the heart of Greenwich are pathetic when compared to schools located in the wealthier and whiter areas. There are two elementary schools in the region, which accommodate minority students. The minority students account for more than two thirds of the total student population (Baker 1). The issue ha...
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