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African Americans and Housing Discrimination Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


Please choose the side of the goverment should reparations, keep in mind that the focus in on way to offer a remedy!
Have to use the book《The Color of Law》example and indicate the page numbers, Do not bring in the outside information. I would give you some example I had found on the book but I think that is not enough.
Use the those below "If" sentences on P216-217 Epilogue(The page before Appendix if you used the different version book) as your strong reasons to expand your argue, paraphrase them on your own words. Of course, if you think that reasons not enough, you can choose a few more.
1. If churches, universities, and hospital had faced loss of tax exempt.....(Chicago University example in ch7)
2. If police had arrested, rather than encouraged, leader of mob violence when black moved into previously white neighborhood.......(Levittown,Daisy Myers example, Cicero, Harvey Clark example and Andrew Wade example in ch9)
3. If government had given African Americans the same labor-market rights that other citizen....(Boilermalers example in ch10 P160)


Course Tittle:
African Americans and Housing Discrimination
Richard Rothstein’s book “the Color of Law” presents a disturbing history of the contribution of the government to the segregation of residential areas in America. He believes that the policies initially created by the government are still practiced years after they had been removed. Over the past 100 years, black people have faced major discriminations and brutality ranging from physical abuse, jest, ridicule, incarceration, unequal opportunities in life and many others. However, the main issue that has been the subject of major discussion is the housing discrimination practices. With the passing time, black people have faced major difficulties in trying to rent or buy homes even when they have the financial ability to do so.

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