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Holocaust vs. Congo war. The Holocaust and the Congo Civil war (Essay Sample)


I need one comparison essay research. it must have 4 paragraph with 1 hook ( introduction ). I need to compare in The stages of persecution ( that is : propaganda/loss of rights - increased violence - segregation/separation - death camps ) you have to choose two of this and compare the Night Book with Congo war in that two stages. it must have 4 quote in each paragraph. 2 quote from The Night book and 2 quote from sources ( it must have at least 3 sources, and sources shouldn't be wikipedia, please use valid sources. so I need 1 hook, 4 body paragraph, 4 quote in each paragraph, 2 from "The Night" book, and 2 from sources, that mean 16 quote at all. and the essay is about comparing persecution's and genocide's that happened in Congo war and "The Night" book. and keep in mind, that it should be in MLA format.


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July 5, 2018
The Holocaust and the Congo Civil war
Congo’s Civil war and the Holocaust would perhaps be remembered as some of the most inhumane events in history. While some of the most haunting aspects of these events were the killing of a millions of people in its conclusion, a deeper analysis of the events show that acts like these have much more in common that a simple desire to eliminate or wipe-out a particular group of individuals. By definition, genocide is defined by the United Nations as harming and killing members of a group or even preventing the birth or conception of children in such a group CITATION Unind3 \l 1033 (United Nations). This is different from persecution, which includes four stages which are; (1) propaganda, (2) loss of rights, (3) Separation, and (4) the creation of Death camps. In almost any case of persecution recorded in history, it could be seen that one of the reasons that motivates groups to commit violence against each other, is their idea that differences in religion, political belief, ethnicity, etc. differentiates them as human beings. 

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