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Heroism (Essay Sample)

I need to order 2 essays (about 2 pages each) they didnt specified how many words but "The intent of the essay test component is to show that you can, in the time allotted 50 minutes, compose and write an original essay that completely addresses the topic in an effective, well-organized manner, with good grammar and spelling" TOPIC - In the twentieh century the concept of heroism is dead. Do you agree and disagree with the statement? Support your opinon with specific examples from history. Current events, litrature, ort personal expierence. source..
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The concept of heroism seeks to give people some tremendous power which may or may not be exploited in life. It is however evident that concept of heroism was negatively exploited in the past through the creation of powerful and authoritative people who turned out to be dictators. They used their social status to compel their subjects to worship them. A good example of such heroes includes Stalin and Hitler who were worshipped by millions of people. Their decisions were never questioned and whoever did so was eliminated. We can therefore argue that people are considered as heroes when their achievements inspire many. Over the years the concept of heroism has continued to change.
But I totally disagree with the statement that the concept of heroism is dead in the twentieth century. In my opinion, heroes continue to exist to date. There are many people who continue to inspire individuals and they qualify to be heroes. The only major difference between the past and the present concept of heroism is the notion of worshiping heroes. As opposed to the past, the current generation rarely worships anyone, regardless of their contributions and inspirations. The global political systems have also changed into capitalistic democracy, which denies chances of power misappropriations.
I personally view my parents as true heroes in my life. Since my childhood, they have been my help and my guide. In fact I am who I am because of them, big thanks to them. Throughout my life I have learnt much and I continue to admire their principled and disciplined lifestyle which is full of respect and integrity. Heroes continue to be nurtured and created every single day, as heroes are very necessary in the social development. Heroes` unit people and act as role models to many. Regardless of the social status in the society, heroes` influence to the general public continues to be evident to date.
Although some people may argue that heroes like Hitler and Stalin are no more, their arguments are not true. The world has significantly changed, and so does it heroes. We are no longer living in a dictatorial and authoritative leadership; democratic system has replaced all these. Such powerful and authoritative individuals like Hitler have no chance in the current system, and their heroism cannot be applicable in the current world.
However, more heroes continue to emerge in the world, individuals who uphold current democratic and human right values. And in my opinion, these ...
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