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The Progression of Hermione Granger through Harry Potter (Essay Sample)

evaluative essay on a movie or book trilogy, evaluating the changes or progression of a single character throughout the trilogy. Can be writers choice as long as its a trilogy Example Batman trilogy, hunger games, harry potter, the matrix Ect. Write an evaluative essay on your chosen topic. You will need at least 8 outside credible sources (three of those sources will be the actual movies / books). You may not use dictionaries, encyclopedias, Wiki anything, blogs or chats. A source/website is not credible if they reference other sites, if the cite has no clear author or if their recommended links are no longer active. Cliff's Notes, Sparks Notes,, etc. are also not acceptable sources/sites. You must have three peer review journals. The other sources can be credible websites, books, magazines, journals, or newspapers. The essay must be written on a trilogy, the progression or changes of a character throughout the 3 movies or 3 novels Please write the paper, an evaluation essay on the progression of the character Herminone granger through Harry potter 1-3 deadline April-9-2013 8 sources needed. Thank you source..
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The Progression of Hermione Granger through Harry Potter
Harry Potter’s film and novel series are British productions. The series were written by J. K. Rowling a British author. The film’s production and distribution is done by the Warner Bros. the series consists of eight films series. The novel revolves around three main characters; Harry Potter who is the main character and the author’s protagonist, he is an orphan brought up by his uncle and aunt and maltreated by his cousin Dudley. He is humble, kind and generous. Later, he learns that he is a wizard. This leads to his joining the Hogwarts. There he meets Ron Weasley. This is another main character in the film series and the trilogy of Harry Potter. He is quite close to Harry Potter and in most cases they are together. He is important in progression of Hermione as a character in the film.
Finally, Hermione granger is the other main character in the trilogy. Though at first she is not friendly and welcoming, she learns the essence of friendships and relationships through the main character Harry Potter . Initially she is loyal to the seniors and the school program and rules, but eventually she transforms into a character that is more loyal to her friends than to her seniors. The character of Hermione Granger develops in the first three films in the series (the trilogy): harry potter and the philosopher’s stone, harry potter and the chamber of secrets, and harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban (Rowling, 12). The progression of Hermione Granger is evident in the trilogy. The character Hermione progresses through the three films into a teenager and a friendly character physically and in the film as well. This was the director’s intension (Rowling, 23).
Hermione Granger like other main characters in the film were selected from many children contestants for the roles of the main characters in the film. In joining the film that would make her an international actress, she was not bold enough. Her acting experience went no further than in the school dramas. This role and character Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) developed her into an international actress in the most selling film series in the world. She confesses this when she agrees that this was her second film harry potter and the chamber of secrets was her second film and the directors and the rest of the crew and cast has become her second family (Bell, 1). This is indication that she has her career developing and relating with the people in the industry. The fact that she relates and moves on well with the team in the film production is a signal that she is much talented and capable of achieving much in her career as an actress. Through the trilogy which takes several years to release, the actress and the character Hermione has developed both in terms of career and physically. She was at the age of ten years by the time she joined the cast of the film (Rowling, 1...
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