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Herman Melville use of contrasts in Billy Budd (Essay Sample)

Writer, please analyze and answer the following questions: 36. Explain Melville's use of contrasts in Billy Budd. 37. Explain how Melville's private experiences influenced his work. 38. Summarize the human weaknesses that Melville portrayed in several of his shorter works. source..
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Date due:1. Melville`s use of contrast in Billy BuddIn Herman Melville's novel, Billy Budd, the contrast between good and evil is apparent throughout the book. In this book, Billy is depicted as holy and pure character as sharply contrasted with his antagonist-Claggort. Just before his death, Billy`s purity is symbolized by his white garb, and natural growing of good. Incidentally, the symbolic death that was met by both Billy and Claggort portrays a sharp contrast.
Billy death is portrayed as good as it happened in the dawn where" Billy ascended and ascending took the full rose of the dawn." on the other had, Claggort death is portrayed as bad as it is very short and appropriate. Also to denote evil, Claggort is described as having"  silken jet curls and pallor tinged with a faint shade of amber skin`` as opposed to Billy`s "welkin-ayes”, blonde hair, and tan complexion which denotes a good character CITATION Mel00 \p 16 \l 1033 (Herman 16).Ironically, Billy though portrayed as having a good character did the unexpected and kills Claggort with a blow. This sharply brings a contrast as he is expected to commit such an evil act.
Finally, Billy is portrayed as the evil doer when captain Vere orders for his execution and Claggort brought out as a martyr. Even the newspapers portrayed Billy death as a price he paid for his crime. Contrary to the expectations, Billy shouts "god bless captain" when the captain ordered for his persecution, a very ironic scen...
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