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Helping Thibodaux Grow Program (Essay Sample)


Written Message 3 will test your ability to plan, organize and communicate a routine message effectively using two social media platforms.
Scenario: You are the social media manager for a gardening tool company that started as a small business started in the owner’s garage and eventually grew to become a nationally-known company locally employing about 200 people. The company has just begun a program called Helping Thibodaux Grow. Its goal is to encourage local residents to start their own vegetable gardens using tools donated by the company and volunteers from the company to teach people gardening basics. You already have a team of employees ready to teach people gardening basics, so now you need people from the community to sign up to start their own home gardens.
Write a blog post announcing the Helping Thibodaux Grow program. Explain three distinct, specific benefits of having a home garden that you think would persuade people to participate, and detail the support the company will provide. Specifically, volunteers from the company will visit residents at their homes starting next month, supply tools and seeds, help them with garden preparation, and instruct them on garden maintenance and harvesting. End the blog post by giving interested residents an easy way to sign up for the program.
Then write a tweet announcing the Helping Thibodaux Grow program that includes a link to your blog post. Use this URL in your tweet.

Written message instructions: Create a Microsoft Word document, and in it, write the tweet and blog post described in the scenario above. See Written Message 3 Hints below for tips on doing your best work.
Research on the topic: You must do some basic research to learn about the message's topic, specifically the benefits of home vegetable gardens. More on that in Written Message 3 Hints below. Put information you find via research in your own words. Do not copy information word for word from the source(s). Your message will be checked for plagiarism when it's uploaded to Moodle.
Plan. Write. Edit. Revise. Proofread.
Formatting instructions: Place the tweet as the first item in your document. Skip a few spaces beneath it, and write the blog post. Include in your document only the messages described above -- nothing else. Single space all text, and leave a blank line between paragraphs. Do not indent paragraphs. Make sure your blog post has a title, author name and date. You should have viewed other blogs to see how this information is presented when you completed the Daily Grade 6: Twitter and Blog Review assignment.
Submission: Upload your document to the WM 3 item on Moodle by the deadline listed in the Course Calendar.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Helping Thibodaux Grow Program
Do you know home gardening can improve your health and enable you to save money? Helping Thibodaux Grow Program encourages and supports people to have home gardens. All you need to do is register. 

Benefits of Having a Home Garden
By [Name], September 4, 2019.
I am writing a blog post about the Helping Thibodaux Grow Program that will change the lives of many people. First, one of the benefits of having a home garden is to alleviate the problem of food insecurity. The world population is rapidly increasing, and it is estimated to reach nine billion in about three decades to come (Galhena et al. 1). For this reason, home gardens will increase food production to meet the demands of the rising number of people.

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