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Heidegger: The Issue Of Being Poor (Essay Sample)


Heidegger claims that animals do not have access to the being of beings. Using the example of the lizard on a rock, explain what he means. What does the lizard not know that we as humans do? Make sure to explain why, for Heidegger, the animal is caught in 'immanence.'


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Accessing the being of beings imply that humans understand themselves and their environment thus owning it. However, animals do not understand neither since they are lodged in their environments rather than exist freely into the clearing of being, which is the “world” (Heidegger p 20). The issue of being poor and not understanding the environment is displayed by the lizard when it starts searching for the rock again if it is removed from it, yet the rock is world less. As a result, animals are poor and cannot access the being of beings like humans.
From the lizard’s case, the lizard does not realize it can experience sunshine without the rock. Therefore, it is such understanding that differentiates humans from animals. Consequently, Betaille (p 34) indicates that even if animals were allowed to regard themselves as beings, they will fail because the magnitude of such understanding can only be grasped by human intelligence. However, to some extend animals too have some form of self-knowledge. Just like humans, ani

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