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Has the Internet Destroyed Privacy? Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Keep in mind that your stance on that topic must meet the following requirements:
• It is an argument (not a statement of fact).
• It is arguable from multiple positions by “thinking” people (must be controversial).
• It is researchable (must be publicly discussed enough to result in useful evidence).
You must have at least five reliable sources (most likely from our Internet-based database services but also from notable online sources and traditional library sources, like books, including articles in our textbook if applicable).
Once again, your argument should take the form of one (or some combination) of the argumentative strategies covered in our textbook, but it will include academic research. Use the chapters, listed below, to guide your writing:
• Fact (Chapter 8)
• Definition (Chapter 9)
• Evaluation (Chapter 10)
• Cause/Effect (Chapter 11)
• Problem/Solution (Chapter 12)
WARNING: There can be a temptation when doing research to simply copy the ideas of others. Keep in mind that your ideas should be the center of your argument, and you should use research to establish the issue, provide alternative positions, and support your own ideas. All research should be quoted and cited correctly according to MLA guidelines.
Here is a breakdown of the assignment:
Topic - Open with instructor approval—if you are having trouble settling on a topic, take a look at the topics in Part 5 of the textbook.
Purpose - Choose ONE of the argumentative strategies and make a researched argument about your topic
Audience - Someone who disagrees with you but is open to change and is interested in the topic
Research - You must have at least five sources cited within your paper and referenced on a correct and complete MLA-style Works Cited page. Be sure to cite all use of information and quote and cite all use of words.
Format - MLA format for style and all quotations, citations, and the Works Cited
Style - Formal and academic (no contractions, first or second person point of view, no slang, etc.)
Length – at least 2000 words


Student's Name
Professor's Name
Has The Internet Destroyed Privacy?
The internet has profoundly influenced the 21st century economy than any other innovation or technology. For example, approximately 70% of the world's population has access to the internet daily. It is unthinkable for businesses and consumers not to be online. Across the globe, nearly 96% of businesses indicate that they have a connection to the internet, while 80% state that they have their websites (Acar et al. 51). The tremendous growth of the internet has caused economies to grow as a whole, including manufacturing and retail companies. The "Czech Internet Development Association" data explain the importance of the internet economy. According to the association, the internet economy has generated an income of more than 350 billion, has enabled companies to rise, and created jobs because many people can work from home using the internet.
Furthermore, industries have been able to raise approximately 3% of GDP by connecting with the internet, therefore generating 115 billion more than agriculture, insurance, and financial services. Also, consumers have been able to use the internet to purchase items online, therefore, saving the cost associated with traveling to the company's premises (Froomkin). Besides, the internet has enabled people to meet virtually, conduct their studies online, and engage in other activities. However, although the internet has countless advantages, it is associated with various demerits, such as violating people's privacy.

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