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Has the Gang Violence Threat Been Exaggerated? (Essay Sample)


Carefully read through the opposing viewpoints below. Then, write an argument for a general audience in response to the following question: Has the gang violence threat been exaggerated? The overall article citation is listed at the bottom of this page, but as you cite within your essay and construct your Works Cited or References page, please remember that you will be citing from two separate works within the article, one written and published by the "pro" author and one by the "con" author.
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Has the Gang Violence Threat Been Exaggerated?
The threat of gangs is the United States has a long history of killing, rape, and murder. MS-13 is a known street gang that specializes in spectacular violence. The attacks are usually organized in groups, and aims to lure young people into their deaths with the promise of girls and weed. Wennar argues that Trump has exaggerated gang violence without substantial information. However, MS-13 is a major threat in the country, especially with its history of conscripting young people within vulnerable communities and promoting extreme violence under the mantra “rape, kill, control.” With reports that the gang has more than 10000 members across the United States, and another 20000 outside, it is a major cause of worry for any leader who is concerned about the security of the citizens. There are also known cases that the group is responsible for numerous illegal activities such as murder, sex trafficking, racketeering, and many other crimes. These are sufficient facts that must cause alarm for people who are concerned about the security of the nation.
The gang violence threat has never been exaggerated because there is enough information to substantiate the insecurity posed by MS-13. While Wennar argues that the data that was reported by the Attorney General has been utilized since 2006, it is not s strong basis to refute the fact that MS-13 is a threat to the United States. The lack of recent data doe not mean that gang violence does not exist. There are many illegal activities that are promoted by the group and should be a cause of alarm for any person concerned about the wellbeing of the country. Many people are reported to suffer and die in the hands of these violent groups.
While Trumps perspective on the threat posed by MS-13 may be extreme, it is unwarranted to claim that the threat has been exaggerated. The activities of these cross-border gangs can lead to extreme effects if security organs do not give the desired attention on matters that threaten security of ordinary people. Crimes such as sex-trafficking and drug trafficking produce many victims within the society. A par

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