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Hand gun control Literature & Language Essay Research (Essay Sample)


I would like a summary written on this article the need for handgun control by Edward m Kennedy and once the summary is written I need a essay written to answer the question at paragraph 20 about Martin Luther king jr
This is for English class it has to be double spaced and written in MLA format in new Roman times


Part 1
“The need for handgun control” is an article written by Edward Kennedy. The author was a strong advocate for gun control. Edward Kennedy wrote this article after the assassination attempt on President Reagan in 1981. The author argues that there is a need for gun control. The government should take measures to ensure there are no lives lost through violent crimes. In this article, the author tries to ask some questions concerning handgun control. An example of a question that the author asks is "Why do people own weapons?" In the article, Kennedy mentions various public figures who have been victims of assassination attempts (Kennedy 238). After the attack of the president, Edward Kennedy asserts that the attack had caused a vast reaction from people around the world. The author also argues that President Reagan is the most famous casualty of an endless guerilla war that is happening in the country.

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