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Hand Gesture & Peace Sign. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


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During the late 1960's throughout the 1980's the hand symbol for peace was a 2 fingered gestured "V". Originally it came from the idea of Victory during WW2.
How and when did the upright "V" finger gesture become the sideways ">" finger gesture?
Does it mean the same thing?
Who changed it?
Has there been questions and or controversy over the changing of a hand gesture/symbolic gesture that has been accepted by so many people and different cultures over such a long period of time?
And is this true about the cultural acceptance of this "peace" symbol/gesture? Has it been adopted by many cultures or does this gesture/symbol have a different meaning in different cultures around the world and around this country?


Hand Gesture & Peace Sign.
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Hand Gesture & Peace Sign.
In the late 1960s throughout 1980s, the V hand gesture was a standard way of passing information of Victory. Individuals would raise their index and middle fingers while clenching other fingers; to make a V shape to signify an act of winning over their opponents. At that moment, for approximately 100 years of struggle, the French military would chop off the index and middle fingers of the bowmen from England to prevent them from shooting anymore (Dougherty, 2016).

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