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The Great Gatsby Theme Analysis (Essay Sample)


Theme analysis assignment - 50 points
Outline Due 2/5 Gold, 2/6 Blue - Rough Draft Due 2/12 Gold, 2/13 Blue - Final Draft Due TBA
Drawing from our in-class discussions and the prewriting assignment, choose one of the major themes from The Great Gatsby to analyze. In a short paper (Minimum 4 paragraphs, at least 2 pages, MLA format), discuss your chosen theme and how it develops throughout the novel.
In other words, your chosen theme contains a topic from the novel and the novel’s message concerning that topic. Your job is to look at how the novel communicates that message.
Your paper must include the following:
1. Your chosen theme
2. A clear thesis which communicates how your theme is communicated in the novel
3. At least one symbol from the text which relates to your chosen theme. Describe in detail how any chosen symbols relate to your theme, and how they contribute to the communication of your theme.
4. At least 3 quotes from the novel as support (be sure you do not have "drop in" quotes, and don’t try to take up room with long quotes)
You will be primarily graded on the following:
Do you meet the requirements?
Do you make sure to follow your thoughts to their logical conclusions, without suddenly stopping when you’ve met the minimum requirements?
Are your ideas original/unique, or are you making arguments which could easily be found in a quick google search?
Do you stay focused, making sure that the things you write actually apply to the topic of your essay?
Does what you say make logical sense? Is the grammar in order?


Student’s Name
The Great Gatsby narrates a story of James Gatz who comes from a poor family. James Gatz is a poor farm boy who changes his background from poverty to rich Jay Gatsby but he gets killed after he attempts to get back his old lover Daisy Buchanan. Daisy is the wife of Tom and both are from old money. Both Daisy and Tom look down on Gatsby as a newly rich crowd. Meanwhile, Tom is having a secret love affair with Myrtle Wilson the wife of George Wilson. The struggles of Wilson show the fights of the rich and the working class in dismal queens, NY. Myrtle is killed in a car accident rooted by Daisy and George is maneuvered by Tom to believe that Jay Gatsby was the lover of his wife and her murderer as well. Later George shoots Gatsby and then kills himself. The whole story is narrated by Nick Carraway the second cousin of Daisy. The fact that different characters in this story come from three different class surroundings that is the working class, the lately rich and the old money, this makes class the main theme of this story.
Class is illustrated by the unbridled materialism and the absolute amount of money spent by Gatsby himself. Gatsby and Wilson struggles to progress their positions in the American society but both ends up lifeless. Therefore money and class is the main theme in this book. Everyone in the novel is obsessed with money despite the fact that they were born with money such characters are Nick, Tom, Daisy and Jordan (Fitzgerald, 167). Whether other made money out of fortune like Gatsby or whether others are eager to make more like George and Myrtle. Money and materialism causes the existence of society and class. The book draws a good distinction between the types of money a person owns that is old money which is inherited or new money which is earned. A clear difference is also illustrated between the lifestyles of the wealthy people. For example, those who live on the long islands or those who travel freely to Manhattan (Fitzgerald, 254). When the novel concludes the primary characters that are not

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