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Google and the Death of Creativity among Students and Scholars (Essay Sample)


Thesis statement:People tend to rely on google too much, the more dependent we become with technology, the less our brain works and the less our intelligence increase. Write three reason content not too broad to find four resources https from the database of this website :// can be found from this database http://web(dot)b(dot)ebscohost(dot)com(dot)proxy(dot)library(dot)stonybrook(dot)edu/ehost/search/basic?vid=0&sid=b30db977-6810-4874- 99bf-5778e31634fd%40sessionmgr101


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Google and the Death of Creativity among Students and Scholars
In modern times, the technology has evolved too much, and it has made it possible for the learners and the researchers to find every information that they require in a flash of a second. The technology has gone to the extent of simplifying everything for the learners so that they can simply type a keyword and they get millions of results within a few seconds. There are plenty of journals, scholarly articles and electronic books which are readily available. Google has made most of the information readily available, affordable, and accessible to the students. This easiness has translated to a large number of students and researchers to overly depend on the Google search to look for their required solutions. For this reason, students, scholars, and researchers tend to rely on Google too much, the more dependent they become with technology, the less their brain work and the less their intelligence increase.
Google is the most commonly used search engine which uses the keywords to help people find the information that they need from the internet. It contains millions of information resources which can be retrieved just by a simple process of keying the keywords on the search bar. In recent times, there has been a controversy over the use of the internet among scholars to find information and data easily. Researchers have argued that the use of Google to look for readily available information has killed creativity and mental intelligence, especially among the young students and scholars. Therefore, this paper aims at looking at the negative consequences of using the google search engine in research as opposed to the critical and creative mind involving process.
The Case against Google Search
Google search has made everything that a learner or a researcher would want readily available, accessible and affordable. It cost, nothing to access most of the materials in the Google search engines. The answer to everything that you would wish to search is found in Google (Carr 91). A person simply needs to perform a simple exercise referred to as googling to obtain whatever they are searching for. That means that any time a student requires some knowledge or some answers, they do not struggle to get the answers through the traditional creative and innovative method. They just need to draw out their computers or the smartphones and get every answer which has killed the creative search of knowledge.
In this technological era, the world has seen more improvement in technology than it has ever seen before. The technology has simplified life and almost everything that students do not have to struggle to get anything through research. But the simplification of the research methods has created less intelligent and less creative minds today. Technology especially the google search has made students lazy (Jamali 289). No one wants to go into the right way of researching the right procedures such as experimenting or conducting studies because every data, research or even the theories are found over the internet.
In the olden days before the rise of technology and the internet google search, scholars used to be very inquisitive about the nature of things and these questions coupled with guided research provided new knowledge and theories. That is the reason why we have a lot of knowledge today that we can always use and find the answers to the nature of things and the occurrences. If compared with today's world, students do not want to spend long hours and most of their time doing research. The reason is that there is a shortcut to getting things done (Sparrow 776). What has facilitated this laziness among the leaners and the scholars is the availabi...

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