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A Few Good Men Vs A Firing Squad Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Comparaison of both works
Requires a thesis
quotes from the literature works
Just a headsup that you have yo compare the movie (a few good man) to the text (firing squad) there has to be similarities and a difference.


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A Few Good Men Vs A Firing Squad
Colin McDougall's The Firing Squad outlines a story of the young soldier's attempt of redemption while the film, A few Good Men, gives the story of Marine copes whose aim is to bring honor to the Marine Corps. Therefore, the two readings express how individuals can use courage, honor, and respect to humanity, to overcome the different situations that they go through.
Both readings use characters to express the theme of courage and how it can help an individual overcome a difficult situation. "He preferred to think of himself as the business executive he happened to be rather than a general officer whose duty it was to order a man's death" (McDOUGALL 27). Captain Adams manages to pull a courageous move by refusing to kill Jones at the time of his execution. This is part of the captain's obligations, but he has to show the world that such an act is inhuman. He follows his decisions and ends up putting a burden on his life. However, this act requires an individual to have a lot of courage than that required to decline the offer. Adams decision of not shooting Jones is a way of showing the world that he is a courageous soldier who is able to stand for humanity. He sees himself as a courageous soldier. As well, a Few Good Men uses courage as one of the three codes of the marine corps code of honor. "We live in a world that has walls, and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns.” (Aaron Sorkin, A Few Good Men). Hence each of the characters actions is guided by the courage that they should involve in their operations in order to honor the marine code. Such

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