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Goals for this semester. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


One page essay about setting goals for your course this semester. Throughout the semester, you’ll have a chance to revisit these goals when you work on your ePortfolio.
Based on the information you have gone through about online learning, characteristics of a successful student and the time management activities you have done, you may have a better idea about the specific things you need to do to make this semester a success.
Goal-setting should be specific and realistic. Having a goal like, “This semester I will get an A in this course.” doesn’t describe HOW you will achieve your goal and WHEN you will work on it. You’ll need to make your goals manageable and simple – something that you can easily accomplish on a weekly basis that won’t be too overwhelming for you to do.
For example, if you know you need to work on your academic writing skills your goal might look like the following:
General Goal: Improve academic writing skills by
(Specific Goals)
Reading my written work aloud before I turn it in every week to make certain my writing makes sense.
Practicing editing exercises on a writing website for 10-15 minutes per week
Share 3 General Goals that include at least 2-3 Specific Goals for this semester.


Student’s Name:
Date of Submission:
Goals for this Semester
Even though I do not have control over what will happen tomorrow or the day after, I am certain that for as long as I am breathing, I shall always endeavor to make my future a success. To do this, I am resolute that my hard work will pay off but first, I have planned out just how I am going to make this semester a success because I know just how important planning is as far as achieving goals is concerned. In this short essay, I provide three goals I hope to accomplish by the end of the semester.
The first goal is to score at least a B in each class. This goal will be achieved

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