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Questions About The The Glass Menagerie Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Hello I will be providing questions about the The Glass Menagerie. The teacher gave us a video and reading about it.
The Glass Menagerie:

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Literature and Language
11 May 2017
The Glass Menagerie
1 The non-realistic aspect of the play is that it shows scenes from a memory because it has a lot of poetic attributes. Memory removes some details of the actual event, tends to exaggerate, and can also add to emotional value. An example of a scene is when Tom remembers his mother discussing about the men who used to call her up. Moreover, Laura remembers what she experienced in high school when she had a crush on Jim O’Connor. Another unrealistic element is when the play asks the audience to imagine a transparent fourth wall. There is a music that is spontaneously playing in the background to demonstrate the feelings of the characters while they are remembering events and even in present situations.
2 The Wingfields are trying to escape the hurtful reality of existence because of the unpleasant events that happened in the past and how much it has distorted their memory. They also had exaggerations of how they recalled things like the number of callers Tom’s mom had in high school.
3 The protagonist of the play is Tom even if he is not clearly heroic. He is the one who takes action in the play towards the last part.
4 The voice of the narrator, which is Tom, differs from the rest of the characters because he knows the distinction between reality and illusion. Tom has a fixed plan for what he wants in life. Even if he is haunted by his memories, Tom comes up with resolutions in the end of the play. He is the only one who does among them.
5 Laura is living in a fantasy world and the glass menagerie is significant to her because she has a bad leg and needs to wear a brace; she is only 23 years old and is limited from the outside world. Laura’s time is devoted to old records and her glass figurine collection because these are the only things she has within reach due to her bad leg.
6 Amanda is admirable because if she knows there is a discomfort in the situation, she can manage to close her eyes and uses other mechanisms so she can endure the pressures of everyday life.
7 Jim is called such by Tom because he was popular back in high school and has become a shipping clerk where Tom works. Jim has put his dedication to goals of being a professional someday and having his own personal success, which are realistic goals.
8 The family life in the play is not very close-knit because of the relationship they have with each other and the unrealistic events in the...
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