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Writer Jeannette Walls. The Glass Castle. Literature & Language. Essay (Essay Sample)


Do level1 C and level3 B please.


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The Glass Castle
1 C. How likely is a person born into poverty to pull themselves out?
It is less likely that a person born into poverty can pull themselves out. In The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls presents her memoir to show how she was able to pull out despite his parents struggling with abject poverty. She claims that her father, Rex, provided the right tools she needed to grow up and pursue a successful career in journalism later in life (O’Sullivan). Parental style such as “swim or sink” hardens children to become independent and good decision makers, but children from poor backgrounds are less likely to become successful. The cycle of poverty often sets in when one is born into a poor background where the parents are struggling to provide for the basic needs. Unless this cycle is broken, poverty is seen to be passed down from one generation to the next (Noakes).

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