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The Gaokao Examination Affect (Essay Sample)


Essay 3: Current Events & Concerns
The overarching purpose of research and writing is to make sense of the world in which we live. After all, how can we judge situations (personal, professional, political, etc.) and make wise choices without increasing our understanding of the complexities that we encounter? These complexities often appear black and white when only superficially considered; however, when we research particular contexts and examine specific details, we generally find that there is much more to them than we expected. Then, we exercise judgment about situations as we construct thesis statements, develop main points, and integrate research.
Keep this overarching purpose of research and writing in mind as you approach the third essay. Unlike the previous essays, this one will allow you to select your area of research. This research should expand your understanding of a question/area of knowledge while also prompting you to take a position on it. Below are a number of research questions from which you may choose; however, you may focus on a question not included as well -- just run it by me for approval before you begin.
Though you may have an initial answer to your question, remember that research should shape your understanding. In other words, do not simply look for bits of information that support your argument. Rather, as you respond [using one of the approaches from chapter 4 of They Say/I Say], make connections between arguments and counterarguments within the debate; remain objective and academic in tone.
Keep in mind that a strong and arguable thesis is essential and should serve to keep the body of the essay focused. Lastly, please consider your audience, which is comprised of your peers and your professor -- if something is likely obvious to a relatively educated individual, do not focus on it.


The Gaokao Examination Affect
In all societies around the world, education is a key component that enhances social and economic development as well as ensures stability and equality. Governments spend huge resources to facilitate access to affordable education opportunities for their populations despite many difficulties and diverse demands from those individuals seeking education. Public education systems face major financial challenges in maintenance and expansion of education reforms in spite of education being an individual investment. Students seeking high quality education habitually do not have a high regard for the public education system and consequently search for alternative education resources and schools that are private in nature.
Private education aims to bridge a gap created by the incapacity of public education systems to offer quality education. Besides guaranteeing students better performance and improved outcomes, it also provide supplementary tutoring privately. Students in China can access private tutoring right from elementary level to higher levels of education and with progressively competitive education systems, private tutoring is a popular option for many students and their families for a number of reasons including the one child policy which eliminates the gender difference in education requirements, increased disposable income which enables families to invest on their children, the desire to get high scores on National College Entrance Examinations (NCEE) which is commonly known as Gaokao.
Colleges and universities in China admit students based on Gaokao performance and it’s the single most important examination that determines a student’s career path which will inform their social mobility for the rest of their lives. In China the Gaokao is a determinant for students wishing to get post secondary education opportunities and enables social mobility in China. This paper studies the significance of entrance examinations and private tutoring in China and their impact on student perceptions about learning and life and also seeks to understand the effects of the social inequalities and their impact on students’ Gaokao performance.
Education in China
The Chinese people understood the value of education from ancient times and presently it is highly regarded both at the family level and within the society at large a fact that determines how an individual is considered in the social strata. The education system consists of five levels composed of preschool, elementary school, lower secondary upper secondary and higher education (Li 3). At the higher education level, there are different institutions that one can join to pursue their preferred majors because there are of two clusters offering a two to three year undergraduate diplomas cluster and a four to five year bachelor’s degrees cluster. Both the elementary and lower secondary education are mandatory through a legal provision but the enrolment levels are always low. Upper secondary education is not compulsory. High school entrance examination is administered through the provincial administration after the completion of the 9th grade and it is called the Zhongkao.
As a policy of the government of China, regional administrative units are not allowed to construct and operate privileged schools at both elementary and lower secondary level. Additionally, learning institutions are not permitted to establish honor classes and regular ones although the government provides specific schools for those students who are academically bright as a way of setting standards and as an example to other schools aimed at improving the quality of education (Bai et al., 17). The privileged o...

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