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THE TECHNOLOGY DEBATES MEDIA CHAPTER: Games and Television (Essay Sample)

Imagine a conversation between Steven Johnson ("Games " 50 essays)and Marie Winn ("Television:The plug in drug" 50 essay) What may they have say to each other about the evils /or benefits of the media which are their subject.Would Winn say the same things about video games as she says about television? Would Johnson say the same things about television that he says about video games ? What do you say about this topics? Are you for or against their use? Provide examples how you interact with games and tv. Use quotes rom each essays. (I'm against them) source..
From coffee shops to office corridors, one debate that is sure to divide any group right in the middle is that with a technological touch. How much good or damage has technology brought humanity? Would we have come this far without technology? Can we get rid of technology? This are questions that seek to settle once and for all weather technology is the villain or excuse behind mankind`s accumulating catastrophes. Now the contagious debate has found its way into the media world, in an age where video games, televisions and other media gadgets play a powerful role in the early life of any human being.Media has evolved from scroll writing to a highly sophisticated web of knowledge that can no longer be tamed by the ruling class of this world. As to whether media is a good servant or a bad master remains a speculation, perhaps pending an intellectual amalgamation that is more often the conclusion of any debate.In his book, Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today`s Popular Culture is actually making us smarter, Steven Jonson keeps using the words more studies must be done, a phrase that adds delicacy to his praise on television as the source of knowledge .Marie Winn who strongly criticizes watching television in her book, The Plug-In-Drug: Television, Children, and Family, but also admits that one of the demerits ...
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