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Game Summary and Analysis Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Three resources, 100 words each, and 150 words to prove why this article is a good resource


22 January 2020




Castillo, Tessie. “‘Exhilarating’-The Life of a Career Drug Dealer Illustrates Hard Truths.” Filter, 31 Jan. 2019,

Accessed 22 January 2020


           Castillo Writes this article about Casper. Casper is a man from New England, he has been selling drugs for 26 years. The article tells that why would Casper become a drug dealer, and why would he keep doing this. Casper enjoys the feeling of trafficking, and he wants to make more money to support his family. Castillo was shocked when she hears that Casper describing drug selling as an opportunity to provide his family at a higher level.


             The author of this article Tessie Castillo a writer and drug policy advocate in Raleigh. Most of her article topics are about crime, drug policy and harm reduction. Her articles can be found on her website or on Instagram. The sponsoring organization was not found. This article does not show a clear political agenda, it is not biased and there was no commercial found in this article. The source she uses is from her interview, and this article does not have a link to other sites. This site is professionally designed, the background is simple, and the words are clear. There are not errors in grammar and punctuation.




Miller, Julie. “French Drug Dealers Reportedly Commit Gruesome, Breaking Bad-Inspired Crime.” Vanity Fair, Vanity Fair, 25 May 2017,

Accessed 22 January 2020.


          Julie Miller claims that a TV program called Breaking Bad inspired crime. The main character Walter White is a brilliant chemistry teacher, he uses this technique to make crystal meth, and deal with his enemies’ body. Miller shows the evidence that two drug dealers beat a student to death. In order to hide the evidence, they copy the method of disposing victims’ bodies from the Breaking Bad. More importantly, Miller states this is not the first time that murderers imitate crimes from the Breaking Bad.


           This article is written by Julie Miller, she is a Senior Features Writer for Vanity Fair. She covers many things about entertainment like film festivals, Hollywood events, and celebrity news. The sponsoring organization is called Vanity Fair, Vanity Fair is a contemporary American magazine website, and the first issue was February 1983. I have never heard of it before, since I do not browse many sites like this. This article does not demonstrate a clear political agenda, and it also does not have a clear commercial agenda. The author does cite some sources for it, and they are credible. In conclusion, this site is professionally designed, the style of this site is minimalist, and there are not errors in grammar and punctuation which makes it credible.




Weisman, Aly. “Here's What Actors Are Actually Snorting, Smoking And Drinking In Films.” Business Insider, Business Insider, 26 Apr. 2012,

Accessed 22 January 2020.


                Aly Weisman begins this article by asking this question “Do you ever wonder what the actors on-screen are actually smoking or drinking?” Weisman states that actors do not use real drugs or drink real alcohol, and they have their tricks to make it look like they are really smoking or drinking. The powder they snort is usually used to bake cakes or herbal bud. Weisman claims that we may see some actors feel dizzy after snorting, but it is the influence they need, and is totally legal. Weisman argues that most of the stuff actors use are fake, we do not need to worry about this.


       The author Aly Weisman is a correspondent for Insider, and she was previously the Senior Entertainment Editor at Business Insider. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in journalism. The sponsoring organization is Business Insider, it was launched in 2007. Business Insider is an American financial and business news website. I have heard of this site before. This site does not have a clear political agenda, it also does not have a clear commercial agenda. The article does cite sources for the facts it presents. These sources are credible. It links to other sites, and these sits are credible. This site is well designed, readers can easily find what they need, and there are not visible grammar or punctuation mistakes found in this article.


Bilandzic, H. and Roessler, P., 2004. Life According to Television - Implications of Genre-Specific Cultivation Effects: The Gratification/Cultivation Model. Communications, 29 (3): 295 – 326.

Mosharafa, E., 2015. All You Need to Know About: The Cultivation Theory. Global Journal of Human-Social Science: Arts & Humanities, Psychology, 15 (8): 1 – 17.

Riddle, K., 2009. Cultivation Theory revisited: The Impact of Childhood Television Viewing on Social Reality Beliefs and Construct Accessibility in adulthood. Conference Paper. Annual Meeting of the International Communication Association, 21 May 2009, Marriot, Chicago, Illinois, pp. 1 – 29.

Waters, H., 2009. Life According to TV. In M. Petracca and M. Sorapure, Eds. Common Culture: Reading and Writing about American Popular Culture (pp. 137 – 145). 6th Edition.. Upper-Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Print.

Zontman(2014). Online Gaming - Advantages, Disadvantages, Threats and Their Solutions.

Zsolt Demetrovics, Róbert Urbán, Katalin Nagygyörgy, Judit Farkas, Dalma Zilahy, Barbara Mervó, Antónia Reindl, Csilla Ágoston, Andrea Kertész & Eszter Harmath(2011). Why do you play? The development of the motives for online gaming questionnaire (MOGQ). Springer Link.

Global Times(2019). US video game industry scored $43.4b record sales in 2018.

JV Chamary(2018). Why 'Pokémon GO' Is The World's Most Important Game. Forbes.



Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Summary and Analysis
Riddle, Karyn E. “Cultivation Theory Revisited: The Impact of Childhood Television Viewing Levels on Social Reality Beliefs and Construct Accessibility in Adulthood.” Abstract Management, Conference Management and Research Search Engine, 2009,
Riddle explores the extent by which television viewing during childhood affects one’s social reality beliefs as they become adults. The study involves 207 young adults and the cultivation theory used to test how the organization, storage and retrieval of long-term memory creates a scale for the assessment of both the past and the present. The predictor variables include exposure to violent television fiction and violent television news. The dependent variables include accessibility to violent constructs in memory and the social reality beliefs. The results indicate that there is some relationship between television viewing during the early childhood and one’s social beliefs as an adult.
The author for this article provides insights on the much debated topic of whether the content that young people are exposed to affect their perception of reality. Most people against exposure of the children to violent television shows have argued that such young people lack the ability to make rational judgments in their lives and may be influenced by what they see. As an example, some children are often tempted to practice dangerous moves made by actors in wrestling programs, while others imitate the lifestyle of their favorite actors

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