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Gadamer's Theory (Essay Sample)


These are the instructions for this paper: Write one double-spaced page essay in response to the following prompt
1. What is Gadamer's theory of textual interpretation (hermeneutics)?
2. How does this view differ from or resemble other views on the meanings of texts?
it is a Philosophy paper.

Gadamer's Theory of Textual Interpretation (Hermeneutics)
Having lived through 1900 to the year 2002, Hans –GeorgeGadamer is one of the world’s reopened philosophersin the twentieth century. He is famed for his work in philosophy andparticularly in the development of the hermeneutic philosophy. The hermeneutics refers to the art of making interpretations of texts. Initially it referred to the interpretation of the biblical texts then legal and finally all the texts were included. Through his publication in 1960 called the Truth and Method, Gadamer has had massive influence on modern thought. The theory is largely based in the thought processes of Plato, Aristotle and Heidegger. However this is a philosophy that rejects the element of relativism, subjectivism and notion of simple interpretation.
In the theory, Gadamer wanted to show the limited element of human understanding in light of history and linguistics.He also wanted to emphasize on the need for language and productivity of tradition in the elements of human thought processes. He also set out to explain that the truth cannot be reduced to a given criteria. This is an aspect that is brought out in the Truth and Method. According to the theory, there is always that shallow meaning of any text. This is the text meaning that everyone with the ability read can understand. However there is also the meaning that is much deeper and goes beyond the text and whatever characters are mentioned withi...
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