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The Future Of The American Left: Wealth Inequality (Essay Sample)


1. Reflecting on all you've read, all you've heard, all you've seen, and all we've discussed regarding the American Left this semester, what do you think is the future of the American Left? Has, for example, a "left" organized in reaction to the phenomenon discussed in this Otis Pike column of 4/7/97? ... or to the behavior of the Enron executives and their Congressional supporters? ... or the recent Wall St. debacle ... or to the situations described by NPR, or by columnists Dowd, Krugman, Herbert.and others? ... or will we accept leftist ideas if we can disguise them and deny what they are (letters to the editor)?
2. In your opinion, what was the most important or significant idea expressed or action taken by the Left in the United States since the last quarter of the 19th century? Support your view with examples, of course.






The American Left

The future of the American Left

On the economic front, the Left has mainly rallied against low wages, wealth inequality and even argued that there is exploitation of workers. On social issues, leftists have mostly supported secularism and are more likely to call for the recognition of nontraditional marriages including addressing issues affecting the LGBT. Pike (1) argued that would be social turmoil since many companies paid their managers huge salaries for making organizations profitable regardless of whether they fired a lot of workers. While this has not come to pass, the Occupy Wall Street, which were organized mostly in 2011 became a rallying call for the fight against inequality in the U.S. and at the global stage. The ‘99%’ was depicted to having suffered because of the actions of the richest ‘1%’. According to Krugman (2) education does not pay where the biggest gains are among the wealthy, and this is not necessarily an issue of demand and supply since power relations influence wealth inequality in the U.S. but this is hardly mentioned.

Dowd mentioned her conversations with an idealistic friend who thought that it was possible to change the corporate-military industrial complex in the 60’s and thereafter. At a time when there were radical changes in the U.S. while this did not come to pass, the corporate giants have become more powerful than ever before and even reactions to corporate crime is more muted unlike the past (Wysham and NPR1). The rise in economic inequality in the US in the last generation and when America was created the country was contrasted with Britain, which still has monarchy and there were clear class distinctions (Sitaraman 2). Wealth and power are

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