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Main Point 3 Assignment: Future Effects of Climate Change (Essay Sample)


This a group presentation, and only need to write 3 or 4 points. i will provide the other part of this group speech, my part need to be added in is main point 3, please write the same format like others write in the picture i provide.


Main Point 3: Future Effects of Climate Change
It is rather surprising and ironic to note that, despite being the major global players, countries such as the U.S. do not want to lead by example through singing of environmental conservation treaties. This is more like a betrayal to the very roles that these nations need to play in the first place; that of safeguarding the present and the future of the planet. The future effects of climate change are bound to be serious and especially, negative. From the findings of the research studies at present, there is bound to be a general cataclysm across the world, as a result of the effects of climate change.
There will be higher temperatures in the future compared to the present. This increase in temperature will result in melting of polar icebergs and subsequent increase in sea levels (Goldman,Kumagai & Robarts,2013). There will also be increased precipitation in some areas, which will in turn bring about flooding. Increased temperatures mean that there would be prolonged drought too. A combination of drought and flooding in most parts of the world means that agricultural production will be adversely affected. Crop production and yield will dwindle, and millions of people would face starvation (Plumer, 2015).
Coastal cities would be the first to experience these impacts in the future. With the fact that sea levels will rise in future due to climate change, these cities are bound to lose a substantial chunk of their land areas to the sea. In the worst possible scenario, which can most likely be the case, some of the coastal cities would be completely submerged. These is especially the case for those low lying areas. According to Stecker (2013), cities such as New Orl...
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