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Frontline on Marijuana Research Assignemnt Paper (Essay Sample)


Frontline on Marijuana (PBS): Read, analyze, and respond to Frontline's examination of aspects of the issues (script, articles, etc.).

Marijuana Response
According to the articles and the interviews, marijuana remains to be the most popular illicit drug in America. In the U.S market, Marijuana sells between ten billion dollars at one hundred and twenty billion dollars annually. The above data is gathered from the amount of marijuana that is seized by the federal agencies every year.
Survey shows that among the American Presidents, President Obama was the worst when it comes to medical marijuana. The above illusion comes since Obama pledged to respect the state laws regarding medical marijuana which he did for two years and later went against it with no explanation ("President Obama's War On Medical Marijuana?"). He passed laws that were against the medical marijuana and that angered the marijuana users.
From the interviews and articles it seems that the legalization of marijuana is a debate among many people. Most marijuana users feel that marijuana is a medical drug and therefore should be legalized. Regardless of the people’s preferences, the government of U.S has tried to fight marijuana at all costs ("Tapes & Transcripts | Busted - America's War On Marijuana | FRONTLINE | PBS"). It has submerged many tons of marijuana and prosecuted many people for using marijuana. The marijuana users argue that they ought to be set free since they pay taxes and murdered no one, furthermore using marijuana is a personal choice. I fully agree with it, actually the war against marijuana has failed.
The use of marijuana is still persistent regardless of the input made by the government to fight the drug. The drug, in my opinion ought to be made legal for the users to se...
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