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FoxNews Research: Analysis of Fox News Reporting (Essay Sample)


The website I'm evaluating is to be a credible/reputable/reliable website
this should have content that is intended to help you answer ONE of the following questions.... Should net neutrality remain repealed? HOWEVER, to be clear, your essay is NOT going to answer the question above. These are current "hot button" topic around information literacy, but your job is NOT to answer the question or convince your reader of your opinion. Instead, your job is to evaluate how reliable the website is in answering the hot button question. The goal is to persuade your readers why they should or should not trust this website to help them form their own opinions on the subject matter. If you feel it IS credible, suggest who would get the most out of using this particular site (someone already comfortable with the basic subject matter, vs. someone who's not familiar with the topic at all, etc.) MLA citations (in the form of in-text citations and a Works Cited page) for the website you've selected and outside sources you consult to help you prove your thesis. Thesis that answers this question: How reliable is this source in helping its readers clearly understand the topic at hand?


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Analysis of Fox News Reporting
The presidential elections held in 2016 have questioned the credibility of news channels. Along these lines, the recent surveys have also demonstrated that some of the famous news outlets in the United States are not trusted across the globe. In the viewpoint of (Kiousis, 381), there are several factors that need to be depicted by the news channels in order to gain the trust of people. For instance, the journalism ought to be complete, accurate, balanced and fair for the news to be trusted. Apart from this accuracy is the most crucial aspect of trust since according to 85% of the Americans, it is extremely essential for the news organizations to attain the right facts before posting a news. This is particularly important for the news pertaining to crises or any other crucial subject. Sundar et al. noted that news channels play a crucial role in the construction as well as the deconstruction of the crises (54). Hence, news channels must adequately report a situation of crises or other similar issues. This in particular aims to evaluate the credibility and reliability of the Fox news channel especially with respect to hot button topics that mainly involve the emotions of the public.
Fox news was founded in 1996s and it is a 24-hour news channel. For over 14 years, it has been the most watched news channel in the United States as well as it is the top five cable networks. However, there are several controversies allied with the reporting of the Fox news channel regarding the hot button issues. According to some of the viewers and analysts, Fox news is the strong supporter of the Republicans group; in fact, it modifies the news in order to meet the requirements of the republic views. It is further argued that Fox news is the classic illustration of the press framing issues. Even though the media group enjoys a large number of viewers, particularly because of its close association with the current president of the United States, this relation is considered to be a real risk for both democracy and the channel itself.
Following the evaluation of the credibility and reliability of Fox News with respect to hot button issue, it can be put forward that the media group is strongly engaged in promoting the presidential ambitions of Trump as well as in spreading the false claims of Trumps and conspiracy theories against

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