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Formal Analysis Of Three Rings 1966 Assignment (Essay Sample)


Don't use too much of outside sources, describe the art work in own words and own point of view. The main purpose is to let the other reader to understand this work of art even they never seen it before.

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J. Formal Analysis of “Three Rings, 1966”
Henry Moore was one of the most significant British sculptors of the 20th century, popularly remembered for his artwork celebrated during the post-war period. During this time, the non-western art was utilized in shaping and uniting deep inspirations that were considered as rooted in humanity. Moore’s works had a light touch of a draughtsman, with his images showing his interests in landscapes and nature, an aspect that denoted the sculptor’s deep love for the traditional British form of art. This paper consequently seeks to analyze Henry Moore’s piece, “The Three Rings” with the aim of discovering his source of inspiration.
The foundations of Moore’s direct curving on his artwork the “Three Rings, 1966” points out to a process of modeling through the use of marbles and clay in a bid to establish the solid shapes that express his ideologies.
J. Formal Analysis of “Three Rings, 1966.”
The three rings, 1966 with a size of 100cm (39.4 inches) depicts the manner in which the sculptor uses holes into his sculptures to give the object an image that seems to grow out of an absent center. The piece clearly points to the sculptor’s interest in closed and opened forms, an aspect that is intrigued with the perception of continuity between the space around the object and the mass of the rings as evident in the area around a baskets grips (Henry 186). Henry Moore’s sculptures evidently look different to most of the other sculptures done with marbles, an aspect that clearly denotes the sculptor’s ideology that revolves around the use of extraordinary shapes in expressing his thoughts. Evidently, Moore’s source of inspiration lies in the use of shapes and lighting in his work.
Moore makes use of geometrical shapes to model the forms, an aspect that focuses on the shapes fundamental essence. The piece is cov...
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