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Food and Ancient Chinese Literature Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please give at least one example of descriptions of food in works by each of the following: Confucius, Chuang Tzu (i.e. Zhuangzi), Lao-Tzu (Laozi), and Shu Hsi (Shu Xi).
Give at least one example of descriptions of food in each of the following texts: The Tso Commentary, Annals of Master Lu and the Elegies of Ch’u.
How is Chuang-Tzu's master cook Ting different from the butcher depicted by Chia I?
Please upload your 1-2 page response to the above questions to Canvas in a separate Word file, and base your responses on “A Literary Feast: Food and Ancient Chinese Literature,"


Confucius used rice and meat that was not refined and cut in excess. Putrid and sour rice, spoiled fish and bad meat he did not consume. Additionally, he did not eat food that had lost color and had bad odor. He used fully cooked food that were properly served (Knechtges 49). The meat used was supposed to be properly carved with sauce. The meat did not overcome the power of rice even though in excess but did with the presence of wine. What he did not use is bought wine as well as dried meat. Generally, he did not use excess food.
Master cook Ting conformed to the natural lines to cut along the primary openings thereby directing his knife via the big apertures to avoid ligaments, tendons and big bones (Knechtges 52).
Shu Hsi
The Record of Rites saw the Son of Heaven eat wheat. Wheat was served as cooked grain and ping was not present (Knechtges 59).
The Tso Commentary
In the Tso Commentary, plums, salt, meat pickles, vinegar, fire and water were utilized to

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