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Personal Reflection: Focus On Experiences, People, Places (Essay Sample)


There is nothing more personal than a story you compose about yourself. Your personal reflection should focus on experiences, people, places, or things important to you and it should be written in a genuine, natural, sincere personal voice. Try to communicate who you are and/or who you want to be, and say something significant about your own life, your own actions, your own thoughts, feelings, etc.

You have control over what you include. You can write about your goals, your likes and dislikes, your favorite past-times, your family, or significant others in your life. You may want to think particularly about the cultural and family background influences that contributed to your own identity. Consider this: what defines who YOU are? Ultimately, you should decide what to write about.

By the way, given that the assignment requires only 2 pages, you cannot narrate your entire life, from birth to the present day! Instead, focus on a few items or moments (or even just one) that will help illustrate who you are. Your essay need not have a single precise "thesis" (though you can't go wrong if it does), but you should organize your thoughts and ideas.
Here are the qualities you should try to achieve in this assignment:
• ability to interest and engage a reader
• supplying descriptive details and good supporting examples
• lively, natural voice that expresses your personality
• competence in English language, usage, composition, etc.


Professor's Name:
Personal Reflection
Have you ever been in a group of people and wish you could join in the conversation or wish you could contribute something that might be of the same intellectual level? Well, I have, and I never liked the feeling. As a young child, I used to follow my older siblings wherever they went, and while most of the time I was quiet, I always wanted to speak or say something which would at least set me at the same level with them even but for a minute. However, I always found myself lacking any useful to contribute. The same thing used to happen whenever I was with my parents, and they were with their friends. Even though I wanted to get into conversations and give my perspective, I could not and therefore resorted to giving people stares which often led to me being kicked out or given chores which I did not want to do. I wanted to fit in and to have something original to say. However, my knowledge of the world was limited and I, therefore, could not say anything constructive.
One day, I decided to confront my dad and asked him why they knew so much and why could easily talk about anything and even switch between topics. He smiled and was taken aback by my question but seeing the look of concern on my face, he decided to explain it using the simple

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