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Final Examination Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Please read directions very carefully. It explain everything in great detail. I have also attached the reading for this essay.


1 EH 1302 - ENGLISH COMPOSITION II Final Exam – April 23, 2020 Review Activity If Needed • If needed, review the Final Exam Study Guide ASSIGNMENT – Final Examination Section I (90 points) Compose a persuasive essay (500-word minimum, 600-word maximum) that responds to the Cushman reading source. Click below for the source. After reading the entire article, as a minimum the thesis in your essay must specifically address the underlined sentence in this paragraph. Your thesis must conform to the provisions of the handout titled “A Word about the Thesis.” Support your thesis. Stay on topic. Agree or disagree with the idea that “it’s time for us to face the fact that, while we’ve made living in poverty easier, we have not made it easier for individuals and families to move out of poverty; the solution will take more than money.” Your final exam essay must address the light green highlighted passages in the Cushman reading. POINT OF VIEW: Compose the essay (in every paragraph) in the third-person point of view of a person who has moved out of poverty and is now a hard-working taxpayer. Name (given name) that first person in every paragraph. For help with third-person point of view, see the “Third-Person Point of View” video in the course “How To” section. Also click here if help is needed with third-person pronouns. Clarity requires that each paragraph reflect that third person by name. Remember, you are writing about the third person, not as the third person. Only two sources are required, the Cushman source (click here) and one other related online source with a different author (minimum first and last name). The secondary source must support your thesis. None of the sources in the Cushman reading may be used. The Bible and reference works (encyclopedia, others) may be used only as tertiary sources, not as a secondary source. If you are not sure what a reference source is, contact me. See Section II below for further guidance on the secondary source. Include in-text citations for any sources and, on the Works Cited page, full citations. Reminder: Neither Blackboard nor Google Drive may ever be used as source or a citation. Sources that are PDF files are not acceptable. IMPORTANT: No more than three sources may be used in the essay. At least one short direct quotation (two complete lines of text minimum, four lines maximum) must be used from each source. The total, accumulative quotations may not exceed ten lines of text. The quotations must directly relate to the paragraph in which they are placed. Long quotations (over four lines) are not permitted. CAUTION: This essay assignment is about poverty in the United States of America, not Slobovia or any other country, continent, or planet. 2 Paragraph divisions provide transition, clarity, and organization in an essay. The final exam essay must include a minimum of introductory paragraph that includes the thesis, three supporting paragraphs (minimum), and a concluding paragraph. Paragraph development: In journalistic and some other styles of writing, a paragraph can be just about anything that the writer composes as long as it effectively holds the reader’s attention and sells. However, a paragraph in EH 1301 and EH 1302 must be more structured, consisting of a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. For additional help with paragraph development, click here. Before submitting this assignment on Blackboard, it would be wise to compare the formatting of your paper to the formatting of the model essay located in the Blackboard “Handouts” section. Formatting counts (points). Section II (10 points) On the page following the last paragraph of the essay, construct a Works Cited page that cites the Cushman source, the secondary source, and any tertiary source if used. The secondary source must support the thesis and must have an author (first and last name) and be dated (day, month, year). The Works Cited page never counts in the word count, but it does count as ten percent of the overall exam grade. Sources must be online, and I must have unfettered access to any source used. INSTRUCTOR NOTE: This assignment is intended to be societal, not political. Opinions vary. Opinions that are supported with facts get my attention. While reading Cushman’s article, one question that begged for my attention was this: Why would any American believe that more government control and more taxpayer money would break the cycle of poverty? There absolutely has to be a better way in America, and “free” government giveaways is not the answer; it has never been the answer.


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April 25, 2020
Final Examination
Every society needs change. Change, not only in the financial and technological aspect of the word but also in its societal sense, which means that everyone should benefit from it. In the article written by Cushman, she argued that “while we’ve made a living in poverty easier, we have not made it easier for individuals and families to move out of poverty: the solution will take more than money.” This suggests the idea that real, positive, and significant change can only be felt with good governance, strategic implementation, and active participation from every stakeholder involved. In the succeeding sections of this article, the author would discuss some of the reasons why improving society’s GDP is not the solution to all things.
Implementing Real Change

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