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The Use Of Figurative Language In The Cult Of Personality (Essay Sample)


To write a 1,200–1,500-word literary analysis essay that analyzes the figurative language and literary devices in the Cult of Personality to show how those elements contribute to the song's appeal to its audience


Figurative Language and Literary devices in the "Cult of Personality"
Many public orators notably Martin Luther King Junior, Mussolini and Malcolm X among others have a cult of personality. “Cults of Personality” song by Living Colour usually excels in different contexts other than in the political arena. The song reveals both the artists and the personalities such as Joseph Stalin, Gandhi, Kennedy, and Mussolini on their charismatic leadership, their good behaviors, and achievements incoherent to the portrayal by the platforms of the media. The artists usually appeal the public or audiences through rhetorical song as well as the issuance of speech. However, arrival at the point of appeal requires persuasion to get attention. In most cases, the leaders reach the cult of personality through constructive convince of the audience using personal truth as well as assuring the audience to act and change or join the leader in a call for action activity. Rhetoric is an art of speaking or writing where speakers use ethos, logos, pathos and literary devices to appeal to the public or audience. Figurative languages and literary devices in public speeches make speakers reach cult of personality. The present essay gives an analysis of figurative language and literary devices by the cult of personalities to conform to the audience.
Ethos reveals the audience importance of audience as part of the speech delivery. The speaker becomes successful when he meets all the needs of the audience. One aspect that a person uses to achieve cult of personality is the ethos. Living Colours value personal competence regarding the expertise on the topic to the audience. The persona in the song usually researches information and facts to include in their speeches to ensure that the information at hand is useful and content. Besides, the persona reaches the cult of personality after fulfilling the essence of trustworthiness in the eyes of the audiences with accurate and credible information that are not manipulative. The content of the narration or speech improves the perception of integrity as well as personality hence ensure that the speaker considers the audience when singing or storytelling. In different stanzas, Living Colours through the persona maintain the process of presenting the information in a balanced manner using the communication ethics and principles without coercing audience. Therefore, personality ensures trustworthiness and friendly of the speaker in the eyes of the audience (Stiff and Mongeau 105).
Separately, poets considered audience in their speeches using dynamism aspects. The speakers ensured that the viewers see them as outgoing and animated. In most cases, audience value energy and charisma in speakers as forms of dynamism. The persona ensures that they possess both abstract and concrete qualities to be attractive to the audience and receive appreciation as being charismatic (Stiff and Mongeau 105). For example, Living Colours use ethos on the song “Cult of Personality” when the persona gives opening stanza. He says,"And during the few moments that we have left We want to talk right down to earth in a language that everybody here can easily understand...” at the same time giving the speech when still alive on earth before he is gone. Besides, the uses persona uses dignitaries and famous people in history who are known for their characters especially Kennedy, Mussolini and Gandhi as his point of reference (Living Colour 1). The quote brings an aspect of authority and gravity of the speech while using the s

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